I’ve been prototyping a little helping hands thing using some 3D printed parts and miscellaneous hardware, mostly #8-32 nuts and bolts, and a few springs.


The 3D part is pretty simple, a cube with two holes. It’s based on my Camera Accessory Mounting System (CAMS).


First version… still figuring out how to connect everything…


Springs for tension were added, but I might try using small wingnuts to adjust tension as well…


Tiny zip ties hold the alligator clips in place. They can still rotate freely and are somewhat tight…


Hard to see in this one, but I stacked two blocks on top of each other to allow rotation in both directions. I’ll keep working on this to see where it goes.

2 Responses to “Little Articulating Arms”

  1. BarretNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like the bolt is so strong, can you let me what is the material for this?

  2. It’s just an #8-32 bolt, probably zinc. Note that some of them have springs on them.

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