Wavosaur for Mac

Running a Windows application on Mac OS X…


I’ve been playing with SamplerBox on a Raspberry Pi lately, and one of the things I need are WAV files with loop markers, and I’ve not been able to find free/open source software for Mac OS X that allows you to set loop markers. One suggestion was Wavosaur, which does loop markers, but is a Windows application.

I’m familiar with WINE which I thought was just for Linux but also works on BSD and Mac operating systems. In fact, this blog post titled Wavosaur for Mac ! with Wineskin was just what I needed. It uses Wineskin which is an open source utility to covert Windows applications to Mac OS X applications, and yeah, it uses WINE to do that.

It seems like most people who want to run Windows software on other platforms are interested in games, but I’m just looking for ways to not have to use Windows any more than I need to, and if I can get some niche utility to run on my main computer(s), I’m all for it. Of course right now only 32bit Windows applications will work, but hopefully 64bit will be in the future.