Sleep Report for June 2021

CPAP usage via OSCAR to track my hours not dying, er, sleeping…

June is gone! My sleep was good, not quite as good as May, but still pretty good… for me. Looks like I treated myself to a nice long sleep on my birthday, but then missed some usage a few days later. Not surprising, as those were travel days away from home. Home is always the best place for sleeping.

Lately I’ve been waking up just after 5am, which is not great, so this week I’ve made an effort to try to keep sleeping, but I’m also willing to call it quits and just get up if I cannot. We’ll see how that goes. I took a nap today, which is something I rarely do, but I spent hours in the kitchen baking, so I think I earned it. I miss napping with Tinky. That cat could sleep!