S3 Game Controller

A few modifications to an existing product for a custom game controller…

Here’s another custom controller that was requested by someone. They were interested in the S1 Rotary Controller but wanted three knobs, and wanted potentiometers instead of encoders. No problem!

I should note that I rushed this one out the door and totally forgot to take a photo of it. I’ve included some renders and sketches below to take the place of photos.

The main edit to the S1 was to widen the device to accommodate three knobs instead of one. The sketch above was used determine the spacing and then this file was used to laser cut the acrylic top surface.

Here’s a photo of the device in use that I got from the customer. It’s attached to his larger game controller with some 3M double sided tape and it controls the X,Y,Z axes for the flight simulation game IL-2 Sturmovik.

I may build another one just so I can get more photos. In the meanwhile, enjoy the renders below.

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