Updated: Fall 2013

Pete Prodoehl

Hello. My name is Pete Prodoehl. I am the blogger behind RasterWeb! which started in August of 1997.

RasterWeb! is one of the longest running continually updated weblogs. I give credit to Dave Winer for getting me involved in all of this. His work in web publishing in the mid-1990s, as well as his software, was instrumental in getting me involved in blogging.

I like to consider myself a “hacker of many things” or a serial enthusiast, in that I get involved in a lot of different things. Some I tend to stick with, some I move on from, but I’m always interested in exploring and learning new things.

I like to think that RasterWeb! is about art, life, and technology, though not necessarily in that order.

I’ve built robots, telescopes, electronic devices, speaker cabinets, furniture, and communities. I’ve printed zines, shirts, stickers, patches, recorded music, gone on tour, baked various items, wrote BASIC, Perl, PHP, Beanshell, UserTalk, AppleScript, created LORES and HIRES graphics, taken many photographs, shot and edited video, recorded music, configured and managed servers, created various forms of audio and visual art, and on and on. I can’t sit still.

As far as this Internet stuff, I helped start the thing we now know as blogs/weblogs back in 1997, got involved in RSS and later Atom, helped kick-start podcasting in 2004, and then got involved in videoblogging in 2005… Right now I’m interested in exploring open source hardware, Arduino hacking, RepRaps/3D printing, and just generally making things. Check out the Project pages for some of the things I’ve made.
(I’m a big fan of Make Magazine and the maker movement, and I’m also a member of Milwaukee Makerspace and currently serve on the Board of Directors at the Communications Director.)

I’ve been involved in personal publishing since the mid-1980s and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

I’m a technology nerd, always looking for free, open, and cheap technologies I can bend to my will.

I like to organize things like BarCamps and I tend to organize events that help people be creative and explore new ideas though getting involved, not just sitting and watching.

I like Mac OS X, Linux, and even FreeBSD, but I’m really not a fan of Windows or Microsoft. I’m not a “switcher” or new to the world of Apple, I’ve been using Apple computers since 1980. Despite that I try really hard not to be a “fanboy” of Apple, and I tend to criticize much of what they do.

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I like it here. The winters are cold and unbearable and the summers are hot and unbearable. I don’t travel as much as I’d like to. I hope that changes someday.

If you think you once knew me, or met me, or do know me, or have a question or comment, or whatever, contact me. (If you’d like me to come to your event, or party, or rummage sale, just ask.)

That’s it for now!



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