Broken, sshell, Tech Support…

Well, as the old saying goes “get a second opinion.” The female went to an orthopedic doctor, who told her she actually did break her foot. This is after the ER doctors told her it was a ‘bad sprain’ um, yeah… thanks Doc!

Today I had to step away from my workstation, but didn’t feel like locking it up, but since I was ssh’d into one of our Very Important Remote Servers (VIRS for short) I decided to take precautions. I dug a burmese tiger pit in my cubicle and rigged up a robotic arm holding pepper spray controlled by X-10 devices, so that if anyone walked by an attemped to look at my terminal, they would be sprayed with the pepper spray, and if they got too close and thought about any sort of rm -rf action, the robotic arm would knock them into the burmese tiger pit. We take security very seriously around here.

Do you have a help desk/tech support person where you work? Are you that person? We proudly present: The life cycle of the help desk/tech support person…

  1. I love to help people!
  2. What can I do for you!
  3. Um, see the little picture of a printer? Just click on it.
  4. Remember? I showed you how to do that last week?
  5. Yeah, I’ll get to it later today…
  6. I showed them once, why can’t they remember!? Are these people idiots!?
  7. Damn lusers! Do their brains even function?
  8. RTFM! RTFM!

This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, but eventually it will happen.


To Do in RSS

I’ve mentioned my To Do list and putting it smack dab in-my-face via my browser, now I can have it show up in any RSS reader as well. It outputs HTML, OPML, and RSS. I should really implement a true template system, clean up all the code, and release it… Hmmm, one of these days…


Mac OS X, Hyatt, pbase

Let’s see:
10.2 – 10.1.5 = 0.0.5
0.0.5 = $129
If the math seems off to you, let them know

Oh, that Hyatt is funny… is a cool idea. Lots of interesting photos to be found…

Today’s fun involved the Text::Template perl module. Every day of fun should involve at least one perl module. Don’t you think?

Well, I went from having no boss to having two bosses. One is on the east coast, one is down south, I’m in the midwest… Things should be interesting…


Crazy Week…

Whew, a fun couple of days… On Monday I get home from work to be greeted by Maddy who says “Mom got hurt” and I then ask where Mom is… Seems Mom is on the couch with her foot elevated and covered with ice. There was an incident involving playing ‘freeze tag’ with the kids, falling over, and crawling to the house. So after examining it, and cosulting with a friend we decide a trip to the ER might be a good idea. So we load up the van, and head to the friend’s house, who offered to watch the kids while the female and I went to the ER. We get about 95% of the way to the friend’s house when BLAM! We blow a tire on the van. So after changing the tire we’re back on track… Luckily it was just a nasty sprain, no breakage, but she’s on crutches for a week. Dang…

So I stay home Tuesday to care for the female, and get new tires for the van. See, I can’t get to work anyway since we’re riding on the spare and the transmission in my car went bye-bye a week ago. So anyway, I take the kids with me to get new tires. A process that ended up taking roughly 4 hours. Which is roughly 3.5 hours longer than it should take… Anyway, we got new tires and the van rides fine now. Oh, and I find out my car is finally fixed. Of course we can’t go get it because the female can’t currently drive, crutches and all that… Note: I may need some corporate sponsorship to manage the repair payments of both vehicles in one week.

Can I complain about all of this? Not really, a bad day at home, consisting of 4+ hours to get new tires, is still better than a good day at work. If that tells you anything…

The name seems to be Blog, and it seems to have neat stuff…

Sorry, but so far I have no commentary (witty or otherwise) on the MacWorld Expo announcements… look elsewhere for that kind of thing, it shouldn’t be hard to find…


Open-Source Software

For your friends still using Windows: Open SSH on Windows and FileZilla – The open source FTP client… I wish FileZilla, or some other nice, graphical, open-source ftp client was available for Mac OS X… I’ve yet to find one…

Of course for Mac OS X geeks check out Marc Liyanage’s Software section…

And for the Fink users out there, we have FinkCommander, a GUI for Fink.

Weblog-related: Memento is a lightweight knowledge management system based on the principles of memetics, the theory of memes. Naturally, to facilitate distribution of the Memento meme itself, this project is entirely open source.

Has anyone used stumbleupon?

I heard from Mike Chubbuck (of Silent Scream fame) last week, he says he’s got lots of neat stuff to tell me… Stay tuned!