AmphetaDesk Skin[s]

AmphetaDesk is an aggregator. It downloads and displays RSS/RDF/XML files using your web browser. It can be skinned, as it were, by replacing the existing template files with other template files...

If you don't know much about AmphetaDesk, this won't be very useful to you. See the AmphetaDesk site for more info.

I've created a skin I call minigr, which is basically a re-working of the main AmphetaDesk page, getting rid of the tables, and using CSS to manage the look/feel of the page. The other pages are (so far) untouched.

I'm by no means a CSS expert, so if there's problems... oh well... also, I've mainly tested things in Gecko-based browsers. I took a quick look with Windows IE and things seemed a little wonky, not much, minor issues mainly, but I don't use IE unless I have to, I'll try to get things working properly at some point. Oh, I also added a link to the Feed Validator for each channel, and I limit each channel to displaying only 10 items. You can change this by editing the index.html file. (just look for: my $itemlimit = 10; and change the number to something else...)


Changes to 20030924 - Removed some debugging info (oops!) and added support for enclosures. (See screenshot) For info on enclosures, see Payloads for RSS and the RSS 2.0 spec.


Changes to 20030910 - One minor bug fix involving guid's (it's a hack, but it'll work) and we've changed the validate link to point to the new URL of the Feed Validator...


Changes to 20030702 - it now uses guid to link to an item if it exists, otherwise it uses the link element...


Minor changes to 20021115 (bug fixes mainly)

(Oh yeah, I'm using AmphetaDesk v0.93.1, so if you have problems with 0.93, please let me know.)

Tarballs (and some screenshots)... enjoy!

Feedback is most definitely welcome...