Code: Analog Notes

These are my notes on using Analog, mainly related to configuring and running Analog...

It's here for my own purposes, and you find it useful, well, then we both win.

(Note that some lines are long and may wrap, if you are using the command line, make sure they don't wrap...)

shows the settings analog will use, 
useful to see what it thinks it should do:

analog --settings

from/to for report for the previous month: 

FROM -00-0101
TO -00-0131

(the -01 means one month in the past from today's date)
(the 01 and 31 mean from the 1st to the 31st of the month)

from/to for the current month (month to date report):

FROM -00-0001
TO -00-0031

from/to for the last 30 days:

FROM -00-00-30
TO -00-00-01:2359

(from 30 days in the past to 11:59 PM last night)

use PROGRESSFREQ to spit out status to the terminal after 
every X number of log file lines are processed:


get report for keywords for your site's own search engine:

INTSEARCHENGINE /cgi-bin/htsearch words

htsearch and words is for ht://Dig, change for other 
search engines also, make sure the other INTSEARCH* 
commands are enabled.

specify a style sheet:

STYLESHEET /reports/analog.css