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I'll assume you're familiar with the cuecat, it's a small device that's given out for free at Radio Shack, and with some magazine subscriptions. If you use Windows, and install the software, you may (or may not) be bound by some license. I don't use Windows... I use a Mac...

I got a cuecat, and of course, can't connect it to my Mac because keyboard connectors for Macs and Wintel boxes are different (my main Mac is old, and uses ADB, our iMac is newer and uses USB.) I've heard that a USB cuecat will be out in November, but I couldn't wait. See, I don't have just any Mac... I don't have an "Apple Macintosh" - I've got a PowerComputing PowerBase. A clone that has a few nice features, one of which was, ports to connect a standard Windows keyboard and mouse. So I found the CD that came with my clone, and loaded a control panel called "PC Input" then connected the cuecat, rebooted, and ka-bang! It worked! How did I know it worked? Well, since the company that created the cuecat did not include software I could use (since I don't use Windows) I found some software online.

Some links:

I managed to get cat.pl and decue.pl to work with MacPerl and spit out the relevant data. I think one of the cooler things I found was a JavaScript decoder! I started toying with modifying the JavaScript decoder to allow it to submit coes to deBarcode.com or other sites... neat.

You realize this is all highly illegal... (just kidding) Actually the company (I won't use their name) somehow thinks this is illegal. Pretty much everyone else in the world thinks they're insane...

Update 06.27.2001
I still don't have a USB cuecat, though I've got 3 of the old serial models now...

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