Just another hacker...


A simple enclosure-aware RSS aggregator/downloader...

FreeTDS Notes

My notes on installing and configuring FreeTDS to work with Mac OS X, Perl and Microsoft SQL Server 2000...

Analog Notes

My notes on configuring and running Analog, the log file analyzer...

Mycroft Plugins

Some Mycroft Plugins I wrote for Mozilla-based browsers that can handle search plugins...

AmphetaDesk Skin[s]

In progress, probably never done, alter the look of AmphetaDesk...

jEdit icons

Some icons I made for jEdit...

jEdit macros for HTML previewing

Mac OS X, jEdit, Mozilla, MSIE...

Mac OS X Menus for Java Apps

Make Java apps on Mac OS X more 'Mac like'


Bits of code that fit nowhere else...

Perl >

Red Hat Linux 6.1 shadow password fixer script...

Microsoft SQL Notes

On occasion I need to use Microsoft SQL server... it hurts... I've made some notes...

RSS and Other Stuff

Some useless info about the RSS file for this site, and other stuff...

Barcode Fun

Yes, I got the cuecat to work on my Macintosh clone! Time for some scanning...

Macintosh > Faceless Background App

How to make an AppleScript a faceless background application.

HTTP Response Codes

404, 401, 500? What do they all mean?

CSS and Server Side Includes

Using SSI you can serve a style sheet appropriate to the browser, no really.

Perl > Page Created By

This just outputs some silly phrase, I use it on this site. Simple perl.

MacPerl > Calling MacPerl from AppleScript

A simple AppleScript that runs a MacPerl script.

Macintosh > Autoreboot

Need your crashed Mac server to restart automatically?

Local Web Serving

This is a small guide to setting up your Mac to use as cgi development machine without having to be connected to the internet.

Perl >

This is a perl cgi script that forces the download of a file.

Perl >

This is a perl script that saves or deletes lines from a text file.

Perl > urls.cgi

This is a simple perl cgi script that maintains a Link list through a web browser.

Perl > todo.cgi

This is a simple perl cgi script that maintains a To Do list through a web browser.

JavaScript > confirmer

This is a snippet of JavaScript code that adds a confirming dialog to a form.

big boring explanation

These pages contain thing pertaining to development that I do... code, docs, etc. Hopefully you (or someone you know) finds them useful! Warning: I'm a hacker. I solve problems. Sometimes I make problems... but I enjoy writing code. I have no 'formal' training. It's all D.I.Y. Since I first started using basic on the Apple ][+ back in 1980, I've just learned on my own. I probably do everything wrong. This code could cause your machine to actually go nuts and kill you. I take no responsibility. How's that for a disclaimer?

Also, I wanted to contribute to the open-source/free software movement, as well as give something back to the net (just like in the old days!) I think open-source software is one of the most valuable and important ideas in the world of computing. Any code you find here will probably be released under the GNU GPL License. If it's not, it will probably say so...