renko is a simple enclosure-aware RSS aggregator/downloader

See Audio, Enclosures, renko, etc... for details. (Also see:

You can download renko here

See the README file for renko

I tried to make renko simple. It's written in Perl, and should include all the modules you need to run it, so no additional installs should be needed. It works like this:

Think of this as a "proof-of-concept" application, rather than a full-fledged solution. One of the goals is to demostrate the ideas and technology so others can build upon it.

Oh, just a note... renko was officially released on 2004-08-27 and is probably one of the first "podcatching" clients. I was running an earlier version of the same code named since 2004-02 that was written specifically for ITConversations RSS feeds.