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This is a simple perl cgi script that reads in a text file and lets you either save or delete every line that contains the string you enter. I use it for deleting all the lines from a log file that contain the word 'image', or to save all the lines that contain 'cgi-bin' - you get the idea: quick-n-dirty!

Oh, if you're using MacPerl (like me) save it as a droplet, if you're using some operating system other than the Mac OS, do whatever you'd normally do to run a script...

This is a very simple script. If you're new to perl, take a look at it. I've tried to comment it enough to make sense to beginners. If you hack code in your sleep, this probably won't be worth your time, and if you think it just plain sucks, I guess my only defense is, I'm trying to give back to the net, the people who helped me, the perl community, and the open source/free software movement. So there.

    Name: stringer.pl
 Version: 1.0
  Author: rasterboy
   Email: pete@rasterweb.net
     URL: http://rasterweb.net/raster/code/
    Date: 12.23.1998
Requires: Perl

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