I rasterboy, (aka 'Pete', aka 'Psycho') hereby formally declare war against Aaron Elliot, (aka 'Aaron Cometbus', aka 'Cometbus', aka 'Skrub') for the follow reasons.

  1. His use of the name 'Cleveland Bound Death Sentence' for a band he has participated in.

I am declaring war on behalf of the Milwaukee band that held this name a number of years ago. I am unaware of any reasonable reason Mr. Elliot holds claim to this name, being neither from Milwaukee (or the surrounding Waukesha area) or it being the era circa 1988.

I expect a Formal Letter of Apology (heretofore known as an FLA) in response to this Formal Declaration of War (heretofore know as an FDW.) This FLA can be delivered to me by Mr. Elliot, or printed in the next edition of Cometbus Magazine.

Alternately, if Mr. Elliot does not agree to these terms, Mr. Elliot can elect to deliver to me his collection of cereal boxes (aka 'Wall of Cereal Boxes') and which point this FDW will be retracted and a Formal Declaration of Disappointment (FDD) will be issued in it's place.

If a FDD is issued Mr. Elliot can elect to have this further reduced by destroying, or turning over to the proper authorities (aka 'me') all copies of his 'Punk Trading Cards' in known existence.

Signed (in blood) rasterboy