Where Are They Now?

These are people I know, or used to know long ago, and updates on where they are now. Search engines, please index me!

Oh yeah, we are collaboratively writing our history, see milwaukeehardcore.net...

Updates: 06.19.2005

Whew, want to find people? Go to a wedding... To be specific, go to Dan Gatewood's wedding.

Here's the people I saw there, or the info about the people I didn't see there from the people I did see there.

First of all Grant Kasten was in town, all the way from Portland, Oregon. He wasn't properly invited, not that he wouldn't have been , but by coincidence was in town and appeared. He became my guest, as my guest did not accompany me.

I talked to Andy Yeager who is married and says his wife puts up with his (daily) freak-outs, so she must be awrsome. I think he said he helps low-income people buy houses, which sounds like a good cause.

Little drummer boy Duane Rice was there, and he, well, I'm not sure what he is up to, but he was there, as was Jeremy Prach who has at least one child. I think... Oh hey, also saw Ted (from Mind Thelft) there, though I don't know if he is still in a muddle or not...

Server-of-drinks Karoline (was Hansen or Hanson) works at some bar where she makes people drink - I mean - she makes people drinks, and says the only day she has off is Monday because people like to drink every other day & night of the week. (I guess they like to drink on Monday's too, but come on, she needs at least one day off...

If there's Dan Gatewood, there must be Dug and Milt right? They are up to no good, as always...

Updates: 06.05.2005

I saw Kevin Koch and Ryan (?) and some other guys at Jason Tertadian's birthday party in Madison. Didn't get to talk to them too much... I assume they are all up to no good...

Updates: 04.16.2005

Please Note: Jason Tertadian would prefer if no one call him "terd" anymore. Thank you.

Updates: 04.14.2005

I heard from Kathy Belan, aka "dug belan's sister" who I'm not sure if I ever met, but she was so cool as to send a photo of little duggie as a child. I'm tempted to post it here, but fear the retribution of dug...

She had this to say about her brother: "He has a cool house in milwaukee. He draws awesome comic strips/pictures and is a talented writer. He goes to a lot of book fairs and travels a lot."

In an attempt to contact dug by phone, I was unable to speak clearly, so he was unable to call me back.

Updates: 04.12.2005

Oh yeah, Dan Gatewood is getting married this year. On my birthday. So I guess I'll push the party back a week or so, because if they were on the same day, everyone would be at my party. ;)

Updates: 03.19.2005

Jason Tertadian had this big report, take it terd!

I saw Matt Pickard. He was sitting at the bar in The Palomino (cool Bay View dive bar) and I just ran into him. He's doing graphic design in Racine...

I also ran into Toasterhead on State Street in Madison about a month ago. He's going to school at the UW but I can't remember for what... I think it was a foreign study of some kind.

Jeremy Barber is alive and well in St. Louis. He'd been tattooing for quite a while in Milwaukee but I guess he's been at a shop down there for like 3 years.

Zak is still alive and in Portland.

Brad Marta was here in Madison and had Rhetoric Records going great guns as a successful label and distro... Well, now he's out in Portland as well and has a new label called First Blood Family. He puts out a lot of really heavy and fast grindcore shit that I don't care much for but there are a few gems in the bunch. Oh, and the logo for his label is a sweet skull shaped like Wisconsin so he's not forgetting his roots.

Finally, Ken Wisconsin is on the west coast somewhere but my memory escapes me as to where. I think it's either Portland or Seattle. Regardless, I hear he owns a record store. I bet the selection rules.

Thanks terd!

Updates: 02.18.2005

Kim Stezala tells me Debbie Pagel (used to be Debbie Tomlinson) runs Eat Cake!, and you can read about it in this OnMilwaukee.com article on Debbie.

Oh, I also heard from Scott Smith, and some guy known only as Psycho Johnny, who Kim, Debbie, Scott and I may have gone to school with... Oh, Scott is also in charge of GHS 1987, a site I will probably never again acknowledge the existence of...

Updates: 02.04.2005

Jay Geils reports in with this:

Zak of whatever zine fame is supposedly doing better - living in Portland again. Skot Guckel - who is raver/punk crossover guy said so - Skot just moved from Portland to Cleveland to produce beer. Mike Stanioch and Grant and Rico are in Portland. Rico had a baby about a year ago. Toasterhead is in Madison tho I have not heard from him in some time - I still talk occasionally with his baby mommy who lives in Milwaukee. Have not seen Jen Hertel in some time - even though I would like to!

Updates: 01.15.2005

Oh crud, I almost forgot! I recently heard from Dave Kawczinski, (see Odd Rock Cafe (circa 1998?) for details) Seems Dave does design as well, hmmm, have to dig up a URL for him... Anyway, we discussed releasing some old Milwaukee music free to the web under a Creative Commons license... Maybe in 2005?

Updates: 01.12.2004

Caryn from broadband said that Jen Hertel quit broadband in Feb. of '04. We hear that she's doing film stuff now.

Other than that, I got nuthin....

Updates: 01.02.2004

Milt once again has news of an old Wisconsonite named Jen Hertel who is in a band (along with some other broads) named broadband.

I did manage to see Scott Schoenbeck appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno awhile ago, with his current band Dashboard Confessional.

I also learned that those kids from Waukesha known as m.i.j. became a real band at some point, and here's some trivia for you, back around 93 or so, m.i.j. stood for made in Japan, or so I was told... Anyway, I guess they broke up, but Jeff Hanson is doing his own thing.

This brings up another point, that Waukesha, besides being the birthplace of the electric guitar, and the home of Les Paul, has produced a lot of interesting musicians. They should do a study on that.

If I had any more updates, I've forgotten them.

Updates: 12.06.2004

Julie German (former Oakland House inhabitant) says "I ran into Jeremy Prach at the voting place last month with his wife Kara and their little son Loyal (not sure of spelling). Jeremy is a full time papa to the little curly-haired babe. He's probably a year old or so. Darling little family."

Updates: 11.17.2003

I heard from John Kucera, seems he didn't move to Ireland, he met a girl in Milwaukee, got married and she got a job working for The Man, and then moved to Kathmandu, Nepal. He got sick and moved back to the US, lived in Virginia for a few years and is now back in Milwaukee. Oh, and he said he actually has a job! (And will soon have an ex-wife...)

Milt said that Doug Ward is in a band called The Fourth Rotor and he married Kammy from Madison, who also appears to be in The Fourth Rotor.

Updates: 07.03.2003

A girl named Sara (who I don't know) told me that Lone Wolf had died. I'm sure we're all sorry to see him go. Lone Wolf might be best known for drinking urine. I don't think it was his own urine, I think it was Dug's, but don't quote me on that.

As I'm sure you heard, the Air Guitar World Championships were held recently. I'm as shocked as anyone that our very own Cory Von Bohlen did not take the top spot.

I'll warn you now, Milt says he's working on a Christmas album.

Shana got married.

Updates: 12.05.2002

Jeremy Prach wanted to let me know that Duane Rice starting a carpentry business called WoodLab "Making your hard wood dreams come true", and that Andy Yeager's Riverwest co-op is up and running and quite a success.

Updates: 08.09.2002

Well, it seems the guy interested in Cleveland Bound Death Sentence was actually interested in the other Cleveland Bound Death Sentence. I was hoping this would be the thing that got me off my behind and started scanning in all my flyers... ah well, maybe next year...

Updates: 07.30.2002

I heard from a guy named Mike Watson who wants to start a Cleveland Bound Death Sentence web site! Yeah, it sounds crazy, but I'll certainly help him if I can... Time to scan in flyers and dig through old photos...

I also got an email from Mike Chubbuck who said he has many stories, some of which I might share here... I plan to meet with him to get all sorts of dirt on the old gang...

Updates: 02.12.2002

Jason "Terd" Tertadian and Kevin Koch (of xyzine fame) are in Madison. Kevin is still at Kinko's (how many years is that?) and Jason is doing fine, big-time computer geek (and still a MacPunk) any surprise there? He said that Zak went uh, downhill... more downhill than I would have imagined, and he's pretty much been written off for dead. In fact, he may already be dead? It sounds like avoiding Zak would be a very wise thing to do...

David Hayes has confirmed the fact that myself and Milt are "the two most annoying people in the world" - and I believe he's in Portland... (I know, he's not from here, but how could I not mention him...?)

Updates: 01.30.2002

Milt emailed me to tell me that Jill (aka crazy Jill) died in a freak sledding accident. I was sorry to hear that. I used to hang out with Jill, she was a fellow South Sider - Bay View no less - of course I haven't seen her for probably 9 or 10 years... Karen said she saw the story on the news, and Kelly did too, but never knew Jill's last name so wasn't sure it was her... [link to a news story]

Updates: 12.10.2001

I got an email from Kim Cizaucus (sp?) who is now Kim Stezala... I'll have to ask Darren for details... She and some others are planning some sort of high school reunion and they tracked me down. This gets mentioned here because of the connections to the older Stezala, and some other people, who attended the above mentioned high school... it's getting weird...

Updates: 09.27.2001

Shana got Milt's phone number for me, that is good... and she mentions that Gatewood bought a house in Riverwest, and Dug and many others live in the vicinity, like on the same street or something. What are they a sitcom? Anyway, she also has been talking to that Barney (Justin?) guy from West Bend who stole my only copy of Blackbelt Technofix #2 and a copy of Cometbus after I specifically told him not to remove them from the Mound house, he better have them handy when I see him...

Updates: 08.15.2001

I met this guy named Joe, and when talking to him, the subject turned to techno of the early 90's, which invariable led to the mention of Massive Zine, and Zak. Seems he knew Zak... though we didn't really know Zak at the same time, still it's one of those weird connections that comes out of nowhere, so it's worth a mention.

Jill Ertenberg (sp?) got married to a guy named Chad, and she's now a Dryer (sp?) and on the same day, Shana's brother got married to some girl named Becky... that is all...

Updates: 05.21.2001

Well, run me over with a Plymouth Fury III! I got email from Dan Valerian... He's in Cleveland (no surprise there!) and just like lots of other cool people has a wife and two kids... He says he's loving life... would you expect it any other way? No comment on if he's managed to spot any Camaros in Cleveland...

Shana came over the other night... not really news but I thought I should mention it... She lives in Milwaukee now, and while it is better that Hartford, it is the East Side... so... maybe it balances out...

Updates: 05.17.2001

Been a while huh? Anyway, I heard from Andy Yeager via email, and he says that he lives in Riverwest and is in a band called t-1 (say it like 't minus one') substitute teaches for MPS, is working on building a food co-op with some friends, is happy to be alive, and saw Dan Duchaine on 05.14.2000 - who was quite alive, and definitely not dead.

It's been quiet though... very quiet... I really can't even remember hearing from anyone else. So until more people contact me I'll just be quiet...

Updates: 12.29.2000

I heard from Pat Hotlen months ago, but never got to complete my update. He gave me a rundown of what he knew, I really should put it up here...

If that wasn't enough, I ended up hearing from Matthew (Matt) Mangan who informed me he lives in Boston and works for razorfish!

Updates: 07.27.2000

(with information from Dan Gatewood and Dug Belan)

Wow, I got email from Dan, and then about a week later from Dug. Here's the lowdown they supplied...

Dan Gatewood

Dan sez he just got back from a trip to France and England, he'll be returning to teaching in August. He also says everyone who used to live in Milwaukee now lives in Portland, including Grant Kasten, Mike Stanioch, Rico, and "most of the Riverwest community." (Previous reports also put Dan Duchaine and Matt Grassburger there as well.) I mentioned this to Shana and she told me that her brother lives in Portland and when she visited him, they went to some vegetarian restaurant that looked so punk that it hurt. We guessed that everyone we know either works there or eats there...

Dan also said that Duane Kambrick was still in Alaska "fixing other people's roofs" or something like that...

Dug Belan

Dug sez he's been working (with Milt) at some marketing place that does Cadillac stuff, and attending MATC. He's also in a band with Milt (!) and that Guy Barney from West Bend who stole my copy of Blackbelt Technofix #2 about 7 years ago. (Do you have ANY idea how much I want it back!?) Dug says this about these people.

Karoline (was Hansen or Hanson)

Lives in Oakland, is married, and still goes on tour. No more dreads...

Naomi (is either Olsen or Olson)

She might be "living on a beach in Hawaii just surfing all day" (!?!?)


Lives in Boston (by himself) and has a real job and everything. (I'll have to check my list to see if he's still on it.) I'll be kind to Shimme and not reveal his other name, for reasons obvious to anyone who knows him.

Toasterhead (aka Andy, AKA "Clifford Mumford Raines III" or something equally fake)

Toaster and his girlfriend Summer have a 1 1/2 year old child, and will be moving to Milwaukee soon. Now that one nearly made me fall off my chair and start wheezing. Or laughing. Anyway, that one gave everyone quite a reaction.

Updates: 05.31.2000

(with information from Jay Blazek)

Mike Stanioch

"I stumbled across your site and thought you might like to know Mike is currently living in Portland Oregon and is in Machine That Flashes. He still has the goatee. They will be touring in the Milwaukee area this fall."

Updates: 05.24.2000

(with information from Cory Von Bohlen!)

Davey Von Bohlen

Davey had some sort of brain tumor, which required some sort of brain surgery. I guess he's got a "nice big scar" on his nugget, but all should be well.

Dan Duchaine

I'm still not 100% sure Dan isn't dead, but I've heard he left Rush Mor behind and might live in Portland now, possibly with Matt Grassburger of Dr. Shrinker/Phantasm/Feck fame...

Lone Wolf

Is Lone Wolf dead? I still don't know the answer to this one...

Cory Von Bohlen

Yes, it appears he still works at the Outpost. So if you like to shop there and pay too much for natural foods, watch out!

The (Really) Old Stuff

(written in Fall 1998 with small updates in 1999/2000)

Well, I finally saw Promise Ring play, and in the process saw people I haven't seen in years and that alone was really weird. I'll try to do a rundown of people I saw or heard about. Oddly enough it seems like I found out the most from Scott Schoenbeck, how reliable of a source is he? I dunno....

Dan Gatewood

Gatewood is a resident of Greenfield once again, and teaches at some school near the airport that sounds really interesting. Not your average school from what I could gather. He mentioned being on a mountain in Colorado for a month meditating with a Tibetan fellow, possibly a monk? I got a bit lost at that point...

Dug (aka Doug Belan)

Dug lives with Gatewood, I'm didn't get much info on Dug, but Karen saw him dancing on the news during the summer, oh she also saw Gatewood on the news, I was washing dishes and missed it. Anyway, Dug lives with Gatewood, that's all I know. Oh, I think he works with Milt at a Cadillac place... (?)

Cory Von Bohlen

Not sure if he still works at the Outpost, but he is as annoying as he's ever been. He's now married (2nd time!) and rents a house somewhere.

Davey Von Bohlen

Davey is a big-time rock-star... Well, actually he's the main man of Promise Ring, he sings, and plays guitar and writes music. Which is what, I believe, he's always wanted to do. I used to hang out with Davey all the time, went on tour with him, played in bands with him, lived with him, and got in fights about 8-bark with him. Davey seems to be doing ok...

Tim Burton

Tim was in Promise Ring for a while, but I guess he left on less-than-amicable terms. I think he got hurt when the van tipped over or something. He probably had flashbacks to his car accident, and quit. Promise Ring didn't really seem like the sort of band Burton would be in, ah well, back to filmmaking I guess! UPDATE I mentioned Tim a while back. I think he told me he's going to school in Madison for Graphic Design. I should email Tim again...

Pat Hotlen

Tim told me about Pat, and said he was living with or married to Erin from Milwaukee (circa '88) somewhere south of Madison. And he too, is a Graphic Designer. (see a trend yet!?)

Scott Schoenbeck

Scott was in Cleveland Bound Death Sentence. (The REAL one!) And Alligator Gun, and we hung out back in 1988. Scott used to work across the street from where I work and start rumors about me. Scott joined Promise Ring after Burton left. When I heard Scott was playing with Davey, I thought that was really weird... But knowing Milwaukee, it's not quite as weird after you think about it for a few minutes...

Jason Posi (aka Geneva Co.)

Didn't talk to Jason, but he's in Promise Ring too. Looks like he's gained some weight, since he used to weigh like 90 lbs. I've been told he likes beer. Alot. That doesn't seem very Posi! (I suppose he may not be very Posi now, but in keeping with calling another Jason 'Terd' I will call this Jason 'Jason Posi')

Todd Leech

Todd was working at Beans and Barley, and going to UWM. I think he might still be doing that, I guess I should have asked him.

John Kucera

John was in Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, and Alligator Gun with Scott. John was also in Mr. Clean, but you might not want to mention that. John used to own a hearse, and sometimes he was nice, but most of the time he was an ass. Scott told me he moved to Ireland, married some girl, and still hasn't gotten a job.

Mike Chubbuck

Scott said he lived with Mike for a while, Mike was in Silent Scream with me, and was a good guitar player. I used to hang out at Mike's house, his family was real nice.

Ricky Germanson

After Silent Scream, he was in the Ricky Germanson Trio, a jazz thing of some sort. Scott said he moved to New York and is still playing jazz. Just like that guy from Verbal Assault I guess...

Brad Stezala

Brad was working at the Journal and was in some sort of management position, and I guess he 'freaked out' (or not) and quit, and flew to Colorado to see Promise Ring, at least I think that's what Scott said... UPDATE - Brad is planning to marry Jenna (Genna?) who was originally from Green Bay, and used to 'hang' with Stephan from the SpeedFreaks. They live on the East Side. Oh, I guess he didn't just 'freak out' but 'went crazy' too...

Genna (Jenna?)

See above. Whew, in college I wasted way too much time hanging out in Genna's dorm room, or shootin' stick. I think we took Mythology together too. (And I can't remember how she spells her name.)

Dan Duchaine

I mentioned Dan before. I'll mention him here because he was in the SpeedFreaks... He probably still owns Rush Mor. I should ask Milt.

Mike Stanioch

Lives in D.C. Has a long goatee.

Dave Kwicky (aka Kawczinski?)

Dave was at the show, but I didn't see him. I'm pretty sure he graduated from UWM with a degree in Graphic Design. He probably doesn't work at the Metal Shop anymore... UPDATE I forgot to mention this, but someone had told me that Dave played the Dad in some Promise Ring video... now *that's* funny!

That's all I know right now... If you've got more info let me know...

Note: If your name is on this page and you don't want it to be, just let me know...