Linux stuff

Here’s a preview of Red Hat 8.0. Which I’m hoping is much improved over Red Hat 7.x, which I had a few issues with… Also of interest is news about United Linux. As I understand the UnitedLinux idea, it’s to standardize on the way different vendors do things, so that you can actually try to use Linux rather than spend all of your time figuring out what makes Distro X different from Distro Y, by creating one ‘united’ distro… At least that’s what I get out of it so far… Here’s the UnitedLinux FAQ for more info…

I didn’t get to try an install of Yellow Dog Linux on the old PowerBase 180 because I can’t find an ADB keyboard at home… I know there’s one in the basement somewhere, but the bees are preventing me from locating it. Damn bees… Oh, looks like I might end up installing Yellow Dog on an 8500 as well… (I should say attempt to install…)

Wow, lots of Linux stuff today. I should take this opportunity to say: Mac OS X r00lz…


Old Mac

If anyone is looking for certain hard-to-find vintage Mac equipment, let me know, as I’ll probably be checking out a computer graveyard on Friday…


Bugzilla, Yellow Dog, OS stats

I first tried to install Bugzilla on Mac OS X, and it took a little time, just as the docs said it would, but it wasn’t painful. A little time consuming, but not bad. The second install on another Mac OS X box was pretty simple, so by now I’m getting confident. That all changed after trying an install in Red Hat Linux 7.2. Sheesh, I’ve tried numerous times to get things working, and still no luck. I’ve had a few other issues with this particular server, so I’m hoping it’s just that. I’ll try an install on Brew and see what happens…

I can’t believe I’m going to attempt this again, but I’m going to try one more time to install Linux on the old PowerBase 180. Expect a full report soon…

Well, as you all know by now RC5-64 was cracked. It only took five years. And yes, I ran the client for five years, on many computers, many platforms, for many hours… I’m glad it’s over. I do wish the key had been found by a Mac ;) or at least an older, slower machine, and not a Pentium III. Anyway, I’ve started running SETI@Home on two machine, and I’m considering running Folding@Home as well… Distributed computing is still a very cool idea, and really, I think all of the other projects owe something to who really pioneered the idea and made it popular…

The number of Mozilla users doubles! I know, it’s still not a lot, but hey, we’re getting there…

Speaking of ‘advocacy’ here’s something you could do… See, some people use computers that they really don’t want to use, let’s say that you’re a diehard Mac supporter, but someone forces you to use a Windows machine. Sure, you’ve got Mozilla on it, but when the stats come up, that pesky ‘ol Windows is still way ahead of Mac OS X… Just install the uabar and set your user agent string to something like Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en-US; rv:1.2b) Gecko/20020924. Or something like that, or just make up your own… You might be forced to use Windows, but you don’t have to endorse it…


Hell freezes over, Darwin, Win32 OSS

Has Hell frozen over? From Hemos at Slashdot: “Taco and I are both strongly considering beginning to use OSX as a primary laptops.” (And by that I’m assuming he means get a PowerBook and run Mac OS X… you always have to decipher SlashTalk…)

Seriously though, Apple’s Switcher ads tend to show people who aren’t exactly hardcore geeks (let alone Geeks in Space) and lately we’ve been seeing a lot of the O’Reilly folks moving to Mac OS X (including Tim I believe) and now the Slashdot crew? Apple needs some new Switcher ads featuring the geekiest of geeks and the nerdiest of nerds. “So I got a TiBook, and now I can compile Apache while running a nightly build of Mozilla and connecting to my G4 via ssh to set up a cron job to run ditto and backup my home directory to my Darwin box…” Or something like that…

Yeah, I said Darwin, and from the Darwin FAQ: “Although the BSD licenses don’t require companies to post their sources… We believe that the open source model is the most effective form of development for certain types of software”

Also from Slashdot: “I’m cooking up a CD-ROM image of excellent Win32 Open Source software…” Sounds like a good idea to me… I’ve mentioned open-source apps for Windows before, but as someone who isn’t a Windows person, my take on things is minimal. It’ll be good to see what others think are the good open-source Windows apps… has a list of Open Source Software in a Windows Environment

Because friends shouldn’t let friends use Windows…


West Wink, Zilla, Delivery Boy

I’ve yet to see The West Wink, though I understand it’s a hee-larious half-hour sitcom about the President of a large corporation, played by Charlie Sheen. I heard that Chad Lowe was upset that Charlie was making more money, so he’s leaving the show. Charlie’s step-son Emelio Estevezian was unavailabe to play the role of the wacky neighbor, so I thought, who better than Bill Clinton! He’s got a lot of acting experience, most on news shows and press conferences, but he did a bunch of movies with an ape named Bongo back in the 80’s…

Today I experienced a bad Mozilla bug. In the past on the Mac OS X build I’ve had times where my sidebars disappear, but a quit and relaunch always seems to bring them back, irriting, but not devastating. So today I launched Mozilla 1.1a under Win2k and went to my Bookmarks menu, only to find there were no bookmarks. Or I should say, the bookmarks I had were all gone. This was very irritating. Luckily I had a backup of it less than two weeks old. Another reminder that those pesky ‘backups’ you always hear about are a good idea…

Bugzilla has the following classifications:


I think I’ll start responding to people with WONTFIX and NOTABUG everyday at work and
see how things progress. As it is now, LATER is my most common response, right behind

Delivery Boy still needs some cleaning up and complete docs, but Delivery Boy 0.9 is now up…