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You think you had a bad week?


The third week of Jan. 2000 was exciting for us... We were at home, just doing the at home things, when the female handed my daughter over to me, no big deal right, happens everyday. But on this day the lil tyke was holding a flexible drinking straw, hey, why play with a toy when you can have a flexible drinking straw right?


Out of nowhere my lovely little child stabs the straw into my right eye (my favorite!) and I kinda fall to the floor, still holding her securely of course... I'm a good parent ;) now the t grabs the child, and we all start to freak out. I'm on the floor holding my hand over my eye, child #1 and #2 are upset, and the female is scared nearly to death. I hobble to the icebox (freezer) and get some ice, and put it on, which also hurts. the calls friend who happens to be nurse, and we then call emergency room, we debate as we always do, and decide to save $75 by not going to the emergency room (love that insurance!)

By now it just hurts, but I'm not blind. The female looks at damage and almost gets sick. I look at damage and see giant red spot. My eye looks like the planet Jupiter. (with the Great Red Spot, that is!)


It doesn't really hurt, just waters a bit, kinda like bad eyestrain. I call the optical clinic at work, and they tell me no one will be in to see me until Thurday. Ugh. They give me other places to go, including the office attached to the hospital near our house. (foreshadowing!) I see an eye doctor. Doctor says all will be fine... give it two weeks, use some drops...


The eye is ok, I get to freak people out when they see it though. So it's about 9 AM, and I notice my right knee seems a little sore, the way it would if you banged it into something. Which I didn't. It seemed odd, but then again, I'm getting old so I dismissed it. Around noon it hurt even more, so that it was difficult to walk. I had some weird leg thing last year (the left one) that took a few months to heal, so again, I didn't think too much of it. End of the day comes around and I realize I can barely walk. I can't bend my knee at all by now, so I limp to the car and attempt to drive home. By now I'm in tremendous pain. I'm pouring cold water onto my knee in the hopes that will numb it. I phone the female and tell her something is *terribly wrong!* I get home, now in excruciating pain, and manage to limp into the house and collapse on the couch. We call the medical clinic. The call us back, I've got an appointment Wednesday at 10:45 AM.


We go to the clinic and after a 40 minute wait, the doctor examines me. He says it looks infected, and wants another doctor to check it out. Sure, whatever... Dr. #2 comes in, and they do a procedure to drain some nasty stuff out of it. I'm then told I'll be sent to the hospital. I think they're joking. I ask if they're joking. Doctors don't joke about that. They said I'd be there a few days and I thought, "Are they joking?" but of course they weren't. Oh, right about now child #2 throws up on me...

So the drops me off at the hospital, and drops child #1 off at a friend's house, and takes #2 home for a bath before her Doctor's appointment (remeber the puke?) I think the female also got thrown up on at this point. If not, she was probably peed on. I can't remember.

I get admitted, and sent to a room. There's an old guy in the room. He's a little grumpy. Ok, he's pissed at the world. In the course of his stay he yelled at the nurses, sweared at the nurses, threatened them, and was an all around absolute joy to be around. I was a model patient by comparison. They do a bunch of tests on me, temperature, blood pressure, etc. and hook me up with rapid infuser #25, my sidekick for the rest of the week.

I try my best to relax and take it easy. Daytime TV, "Room Service" (hospital food...) and pain medication... Ahhh, sweet pain medication! Later the female shows up with child #2, who is pretty sick, and tells me she is getting some prescriptions and has another appointment Friday. She brings me my Palm III so at least I have *some* computer to use! I call in to the office and tell them what happened... Watch more TV (scanning for news of the Transmeta announcement!) etc...

I've now been offline for 24 hours...


On the bright side, this is probably the most sleep I've gotten in years. I order some breakfast, watch some TV, and they do an X-ray on my leg. I still, don't know too much now, but hope the X-ray will be helpful. I ended up doing about 20 minutes of phone time with the office. I tell them to send me a PowerBook with a wireless modem. They don't...

The cranky old guy I share the room with has some freak out episode where he's convinced everyone is gone, so he's swearing again. I ask him if he needs a nurse (we can't see each other because of the room divider. He doesn't reply to me, so I buzz a nurse for him. They come for their abuse and he's quite again. He left later, so that was nice...

I've decided pizza is the best thing they serve. (Big surprise there, eh?) I try to read and watch more TV, but it's getting boring by now, and I've been offline since Tuesday evening. I've read all theDOC files on my Palm and start to wish I had a wireless, not like there'd be service in my neck of the woods, or I could even afford it. I do find out I can get partial disability pay, so that's good.

By dinner I'm starting to run out of things to order. Being a picky eater who doesn't eat meat doesn't help, and yes, I've already had the meatless burger (it was ok.) I take a short nap, and watch more TV. I end up watching The Langoliers, some Stephen King movie, it was ok, but it was part I, with part II being Friday night... I watch that til it's over, then flip thru the channels, and find out VH-1 is showing some Clash special; so I stay up past 1:00 AM watching that.

Oh, I really miss my reading my email...


They never did tell me much about the X-ray. Oh, I did have a Doctor come in, look at my leg for approximately 7 seconds, then leave. I guess so he can say he "saw me" and charge a couple hundred dollars for his services. I take a shower (oh, that's fun!) and the nurse then tells me the female will be in later because they are admitting child #2 because she may have an infection. Well, at least they're convinced she has asthma now and are doing something about it.

By afternoon my family is in room 313 and I'm down the hall in 308. Yes, my whole family is now hospialized. Child #2 is on a monitor and getting shots while the female tried to kep her calm, I'm attached to rapid infuser #25 and Child #1 is playing with all the toys in the room. I spend much of the day in their room, so I didn't see my new roommate much, but he was much nicer than grumpy old fart dude.

They decide to keep Child #2 overnight to watch her, so we all stayed in the hospital that night. I went back to my room and watch part II of The Langoliers, and went to sleep. I've been offline for years now... or so it seems.


My doctor shows up (eventually!) and I get released! So they same "you can go home" and I say, "you mean down the hall?" They did some more monitoring of Child #2 and around mid-day decide she's ok and can also be released. Yay!

I get my prescriptions, Child #2 gets prescriptions and a nebulizer, and we are finally home...

Oh, I can hobble around a bit, but there's still pain... took another week or so. I can walk normal again...

P.S. Kids, don't try this at home!

P.P.S. I'm back online! Whew!!!

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