Making Bread

I made some bread. Not money… actual bread, 2 loaves of bread. French bread.

I’m not saying this bread would win the approval of Aaron, but I thought it turned out pretty good. (It made great toast along side a pasta dinner, I used it for a sandwich, and we finished it off as french bread pizza.)


The most interesting thing to me was the whole process. It took about 2 and a half hours from start to finish. First you need to make the dough, then let it rise for 1 hour. Then roll it out flat, and roll it up, and cover it and let it rise for another hour. Then bake it. Then let it cool. Then you’re done.

It sounds like a simple process really, and it is, but it takes time. I was able to keep myself occupied during rise time, so I didn’t sit in the kitchen the entire time, but I had to be there for each step in the process. I like baking things. I wouldn’t doubt that after Make and Craft they put out a magazine called Bake. (Ok, they probably won’t, but they should.)

I understand the allure of a bread machine. I owned one many years ago, and if you’re into convenience, it makes sense. I also understand the whole “greatest thing since sliced bread” but I think people were referring to the fact that you could buy bread for so cheap, not that it was sliced.

It is just the fact that years ago people made their own bread because they had plenty of time, as compared to nowadays, where we are all (supposedly) so damn busy? Should making bread really cause me to think about it this much?