Emma’s Owl


You know, I don’t think I made anything that spectacular this weekend, so I’ll turn the spotlight on my daughter Emma who managed to create this awesome piece of artwork for one of her siblings.

She didn’t want to reveal it until it was complete (which I totally understand, because I sometimes do the same thing) but she did need my help doing just one thing… cutting the piece of wood. Other than that, I didn’t see it until it was done.

She got an owl pattern online as a starting point, and then cut out pieces of paper, glued them down, and mod-podged over it all to seal it.

I think it turned out awesome!

OK, I’ll claim one more part of this… I always tell my kids to “make” something for someone it the family when they have a birthday, as I don’t think kids should have to feel like they need to buy gifts for one another, so really, she took my advice. (File under “proud“)