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The Artist

The Artist has died. The Artist created Art, and gave it to the world, and we still have that Art, but the Artist is gone.

I don’t find jokes about how Artists are worth more dead than alive amusing. Artists contribute to our world in many ways, and while it’s easy to ridicule those who pursue degrees in the Arts, I ask you instead to consider the impact Art has had on your own life.

Artists are performers, actors, musicians, singers, writers, educators, photographers, chefs, directors, designers, filmmakers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and above all, people.

If you’ve enjoyed a movie, or an album, or a book, or a delicious meal, or learning, you may need to thank an Artist.

If you haven’t died because of poorly communicated warnings, or signage that prevented you from danger, you may need to thank an Artist.

Artists create work that makes us happy, and sad, and makes us feel something. Artists create work that people enjoy, that changes lives, that saves lives.

We all contribute to this world in our own way. Nearly all of the Artists I know try to contribute to this world in a positive way. Most of them art not motivated by greed or power, but by the desire to create and share with others.

The world needs more Artists.


Robin Williams

Much has been written about the death of Robin Williams this week, and much more will be said in the days to come, but after reading Robin Williams and Why Funny People Kill Themselves, I don’t know that I want to read any more…


When I read about the death of Aaron I cried. I’ve been on this planet, a planet which often confuses me, for over 40 years. I’ve known other people who have died, and sometimes I cried, but more often than not, I didn’t, unless they were a close relative or very close friend. Aaron was not a close friend in the typical sense, but he was someone I admired. I probably first encountered Aaron around 2002/2003 or so… he would have been working on RSS stuff while I was working on RSS stuff. I filed some bug reports for some software he was writing called rss2email,. My “bug reports” consisted of letting him know about typos in the documentation. He was probably half my age at the time, but more than twice as good at programming. He shot me a few emails that said “Thanks!” and that about sums up our correspondence.

Through the years I read his weblog and it was fascinating. You could tell how damn smart he was. And I’m not going to say “smart for his age” because I try really hard not to discriminate based on age. Aaron was intelligent, but lacked certain experience, due to his age, and his personality, but he was someone to admire.

I wrote a blog post about Aaron back in 2006 titled Aaron’s Money. It summed up a few things about him. I also seem to remember a post where he said he was working on a laptop and someone told him he needed a huge monitor, and his reply was something along the lines of “I’m only looking at a few lines of code at any one point in time… why do I need a bigger monitor?” I’m still not sure he’s the one who said that, but I think it sounds like something he’d say. Ideas and freedom seemed to be much more important than money or physical things to him. He was someone who believed that the ends justify means. (Sometimes they do.)

When I think about the things he could have accomplished in his life, had it not been cut so short, it depresses me a bit, and being depressed is a bad thing, so I don’t want to be depressed. To avoid being depressed I try to do things I think might make the world a better place… even if it’s just a small part of the world I inhabit.


Have a nice day… while you still can.


I’m really not a violent person, but I am a person who enjoys films, stories, and the like, and if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when a character in a movie “kills” or “mortally wounds” another character, but doesn’t make sure… doesn’t finish the job.

We’ve been watching the old seasons Heroes for the past week, and there’s just too many of the “I thought you were dead!” moments where we find out someone appeared to have been killed, and, well, they’re ok! It’s like those old Bond movies (or Bond-parody movies) where the super villain sets up the hero to be killed, and then leaves secure in the fact that nothing can go wrong. There’s a reason it turned into a comedy bit…

So when I see this happen, I keep thinking of Frank Miller’s Sin City (film) where Hartigan kills the Yellow Man (it’s been 4 years, I hope I’m not spoiling it for you!) first by stabbing him, then castrating him, and then keeps punching and punching and punching until there’s pretty much nothing left… In fact, he says:

After a while all I’m doing is punching wet chips of bone into the floorboards. So I stop.

See? Make sure! That’s all I’m saying…

And just to be clear, I’m not a violent person, and I have no problem distinguishing fiction from real life, but that doesn’t stop me from being disappointed in unrealistic fiction.


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