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Machine Drawing

I stumbled upon this project titled Machine Drawing Drawing Machines by Pablo Garcia a while ago, and then I found this great video of a talk he did at MIT about the history of drawing machines.

Pablo Garcia

Technology and art have always come together in some way…

It is a long video, and it was an hour into it before I realized Pablo was the guy behind the NeoLucida Kickstarter. I’m not as much a fan of drawing aids as I am machines, but there’s a ton of great info in the video.

There’s also a DrawingMachines twitter account worth checking out, as well as Pablo’s account, and his web site at

The video revealed a lot about machines and drawing that I’ll be thinking about for a while, especially in relation to my own work and views on these things. Good stuff!


The Robot You See...

It’s inevitable!


Does Not Compute!

“What did the working computer say to the non-working computer?”

“Does Not Compute!”

“That doesn’t make any sense…”

“Who cares!?”



QuibbleBots like to quibble. Also, they are robots, hence the name.



Quick drawing using First time using it. Worked well. Roboty out!


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