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Please Read Makers

Over on the Make site is this warning page that shows an illustration with a bunch of tools. For some reason I felt like re-drawing those tools, so here’s my interpretation of the warning label.

Now I find myself in the mood to draw more tools, which may mean a break from the robots I usually draw, you know, unless I combined the two!



Well, you can say this about the Tri-Bots…. at least they tri.


Robot Roller

Here’s Robot Roller. He’s not a Robo Troller (which is either some sort of device for fishing or some sort of device to mess with people on the Internet.) He’s a Robot Roller. He rolls on one wheel… quite precariously, by the look of it. He enjoys rolling outdoors most of all because even though he’s made of metal, he loves the feeling of grass (or dirt) beneath his wheel. Or something like that…


Eight Hs

What is that thing?

I dunno, but there’s eight of them…

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