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I started drawing a robot, but it ended up looking like a creepy guy, so then it sort of turned into what I’m just going to call “CreeperBot” for lack of a more fitting name.

Hmmm, didn’t I draw an Angry Robot recently? I don’t know what it is about these robots… I thought they were supposed to be our friends, and happily assist us with all our tasks.

Of course there is that “DESTROY ALL HUMANS!” thing…


Angry Robot

(consider it cc:by)

This robot looks angry! What could possibly make a robot this angry!? You order a protocol droid and they send you some angry kill-bot, ready to rip your head off. Sometimes I don’t know what those folks at Amazon are thinking…



(consider it cc:by)

RoboBoy was kind enough to pose for a portrait. Sadly, RoboBot is half-human, and half-robot, but no one ever seems to know which half is which, and he often feels disenfranchised by such things. But don’t worry, RoboBoy is not defenseless, and he does possess the power to kill humans… or is it robots? I’m never quite sure…


Boba Fett

Over in the Twittersphere I gained a new follower today: @starwarsart, which has a bio that states “We search the web for the best in Star Wars Art and post it on our site daily!”

Sure, I follow @bonniegrrl, and I enjoy the occasional Star Wars art, but I couldn’t even remember if I had created any in recent times… so I figured I couldn’t let the folks behind down, so here’s a crummy drawing of Boba Fett I made during lunch.

Of course the fact that they are looking for “the best in Star Wars Art” may mean that this drawing is featured nowhere on the Internet except right here… so enjoy!


Bell 206 Jetranger Helicopter

Hey, I drew this helicopter for you. Just for you! OK, it’s for me too… and actually, I traced it, but I did add an awesome blue sky with some clouds.

On the Wikipedia page for Helicopter is a photo, and that photo is a Bell 206 Jetranger Helicopter owned by the LAPD, and that’s the image I used to create my drawing.

And that awesome sky? If you are in Photoshop, and go under Filters to Render, the first option is Clouds, so that’s what I used. I tricked out the perspective a bit to make it even more awesome.

When I was a kid, I really liked helicopters, and thought they were way cooler than airplanes (though not as cool as spaceships) and I figured one day I might be a helicopter pilot, or you know, at least get to fly in one. I think I was into helicopters even before Airwolf or Blue Thunder, and I do remember playing Choplifter a lot as a kid.

I’m an adult now, and while I’ve been inside helicopters, I’ve never actually been inside a helicopter that has taken flight. Being an adult is disappointing, and boring, and lame, and stupid sometimes.

But since it’s the future I do get to use a powerful supercomputer with a pressure-sensitive stylus interface to make these amazing drawings.

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