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I think I’m split on my opinion of people who buy things just to put them on ebay and make a hefty profit.

I mean, that’s what ebay is for, right? Is it all just “supply and demand” at work? Are they providing a valuable service? Should they be making as much as they do on some items?

I’ve been thinking about this due to the fact that it’s nearly Xmas, and an item I’d really like to get has been backordered in stores for months now, and seems only available via ebay if I’m willing to pay more than twice the original store price. Which I really can’t afford to do.

Damn vultures…


eBay bought Skype. Need I remind you I am not a fan of Skype?

Skype users, keep an eye on that terms of service and “end user license agreement” each time you are forced to install a new version. Expect subtle (or not so subtle) changes. You may not like them. Your options will be few. Think next time before choosing a proprietary product with proprietary protocols, blah, blah, blah… (head explodes…)

Oh, and even though I downloaded Skype 4 or 5 times, it should only count as 1 in my book… Keep that in mind when doing the math.


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