Flash Forward

In recent times I’ve come to admit that Flash has it’s uses. I even use it on some sites (Yes, it’s true!) and may use it a bit more in the future…

But that doesn’t mean it’s still not a bad idea to use it as a critical element of your web site. Say, for the main navigation or something.

And while using swfobject.js is probably a good idea, you still need to remember that without Flash installed, or with Javascript disabled, your visitors (which are potential customers) may not see your main navigation. (They might, if you build it right, otherwise they may see “This text is replaced by the Flash movie” which isn’t very helpful.)

And don’t get me started on tables used for layout!

Usability remains important. To some people, it’s what they are selling to their customers.



OpenLaszlo… Finally, a legitimate use for Tomcat…

I was just yesterday I talked about my Flash issues, and later that night at the October Milwaukee Web Design Meetup our pal Justin did a demo of OpenLaszlo.

I had heard of OpenLaszlo before, but didn’t quite get what it was. Luckily a quick demo and a few questions was all it took to see that it could be a useful tool.

By the way, the October Meetup was at C2, but the November Meetup will be at Z2. (How’s that for confusing?)


BarCampMilwaukee: I Missed the Flash

One of the coolest things that happened at BarCampMilwaukee was that, during the introductions, Dustin Dupree said he wasn’t leading any sessions, but if anyone wanted to know about Flash, they should ask him. Someone yelled out “Lead a session!” and sure enough, a session on Flash happened later, led by Dustin. I’m glad that Dustin felt like embracing the idea of “you are an expert at your own experience” and sharing what he knows about Flash. To me, this is the spirit of BarCamp, and I was glad to see it happen.

I was sorry I missed that session (Scott seemed to enjoy it) because people keep telling me that there are open-source tools for Flash, but every time I dig through I just get confused and can’t seem to find any sort of Mac OS X development tools that look appealing to me.