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I’ve designed this new game but I need some help building it using HTML5… If you know any great HTML5 developers, please send them my way… Thanks!


@raster: @Arlen that reminds me... we need that HTML5 missle launching application...   @Arlen: @raster One issue left to solve: It launches, targets and explodes fine. But there's no Flash.

Well played sir… well played. #



I unveiled the Evil-O-Mator during the September 2010 Web414 “Mystery Show!” It will tell you if your favorite web company is evil.

You may want to ask about Google, or Facebook, or maybe even… Twitter!

I built the Evil-O-Mator because I needed a small project to play around with HTML5 and also because I couldn’t sleep one night. (And also because we had nothing planned for Web414 and I figured this could chew up a good 5 minutes of time…)

So go on, ask me about evil, and when you’re done, think about how you can contribute to Web414. Thank you, and good night.


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