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Look, I’m not saying my kids are geniuses or anything (well, they are) but years back they were really into Neopets, then it got acquire for $160 Million. Now for the last few months they’ve been really into Club Penguin, and that just got acquired for like $700 Million.

I think I should start looking to them for financial advice.


Last weekend one of my uninterruptable power supplies started beeping. It stopped after a few hours, but I wondered if maybe I needed to replace the battery or something. (One of them is just 2 years old, the other is 7+ years old!)

Well, we just lost power, and they both seemed to hold up well for the few minutes of blackout. Whew… The home linux server now says: uptime 211 days, 13 hours, 57 minutes

Of course Emma was playing Animal Crossing and lost some data. Hmmm, maybe we need a UPS for the GameCube.


Fact: Kids love nunchucks! Sure, some kids are into swords or maybe even throwing stars, but all kids love nunchucks…

Now you’re saying “Hold on there Mr. Maniac! Nunchucks ain’t safe!” To which I say, you just need to make them safe. Oh sure, you could just go out an buy Rubber Foam Nunchucks from, but what fun is that? Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your children making your own (safe) nunchucks? Of course you would! What parent wouldn’t?

Nunchucks Nunchucks

We can easily assemble kid-safe nunchucks out of some old cardboard tubes and some cord. The trickiest part is just tying the knot. Once you’ve got two pair put together, you’re ready for battle – I mean FUN! Let the kids solve their differences the way they do in kung-fu movies. Or get in on the game, and show the kids who the real martial arts master in the family is. These kid-safe nunchucks are just the answer to the often asked question: “How can I beat my sibling without hurting them too badly?”

(Disclaimer: Don’t be an idiot and hurt yourself or someone else…)


Emma was playing an online game, and she was telling me how much it would cost to furnish her house, and how much it cost for a couch, a rug, etc. and finally she say “Hey, I earned $1000 but I didn’t get the money!” to which I had to reply “What are you, a freelancer?”

Har har har…


Kids use the internets, that’s no secret, but how do you keep them from “harmful matter” out there? I’m not worried about web sites, but I’d like to eventually let the kids use those email addresses they’ve had for years. Do I need to create a whitelist, so that any friend of theirs has to be pre-approved by me before they can receive mail from them? that seems like a good idea, any problems with that? Spoofing? Spammers? Hmmm…

I’ve also thought about IM. I rarely get anything nasty or SPIM-like, and I figured setting up Jabber accounts would be the safest bet. Of course that really only sets them up to IM with me, which is fine for now. I’m sure at some point some of their friends will want them to come to the dark side (AIM, or worse MSN Messenger! I gotta draw the line somewhere!)

Anyway, I’m going to look into ways of protecting the kids without installing goofy “nanny” software, or having to put proxies in place. Good luck to me!

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