BarCampMadison: Archive Your Life

For BarCampMadison, I’ve convinced Matthew Pickard to join me in leading a session titled Archive Your Life.

Last year Mark Pilgrim asked the question: "How do you back up 100 GB of data per year for 50 years? Or even 10 years?"

Does anyone have an answer yet? How can we even test possible solutions?

Matt and I have been archiving things. Things we created, and others have created. We plan to talk about what we’ve done, and what we want to do. Not just for us, but for the future. We believe you can write your own history. If you don’t who will?


BarCampMadison: Logo Ideas

I’ve been toying with some logo ideas for BarCampMadison. I wanted to incorporate the dome of the capitol building with the BarCamp flame. Here are the results so far.

BarCampMadison Logo Idea #3 (with dome!)BarCampMadison Logo Idea (with dome!)BarCampMadison Logo Idea #2 (with dome!)

There are more ideas on the BarCampMadison wiki’s Logo page. I’m still not happy with this. I wanted to use a simple illustration of the dome, but I don’t have one, and haven’t created one yet.

Hey, it’s a work in progress… Got any better ideas?

(If you haven’t signed up for BarCampMadison yet, do so now… and if you can help sponsor, or know any organizations that can help sponsor, get in touch with me.

(Updated: Here is the red/white one people are mentioning…)

BarCampMadison Logo Idea #4


BarCampMadison: How Social Can You Get?

I finally decided on a session for BarCampMadisonHow Social Can You Get?

I’m hoping to look at the typical “social networks” like Myspace and Facebook, but also look at how sites like Digg,,, Flickr, and others leverage social networking to enhance what they are already offering.


BarCampMadison Go!

Just got an email from Ken Rheingans, letting us know that BarCampMadison is all set, and will happen March 3rd & 4th, 2007 in Madison Wisconsin at the Inn on the Park Hotel.

Also, a big thanks to Stratagem for being the location sponsor and covering half of the net connection fees.

Expect a planning meeting in the beginning of January, and after that promotion and planning will go into full swing. Let’s make this as awesome (if not more awesome) than BarCampMilwaukee.


Perl + Madison = MadMongers

MadMongers is the Madison Area Perl Mongers group, and they’ve got a nice site over at

MadMongers Poster

Of course I missed the meeting, but I guess 20 Perl Mongers showed up, which sounds like a pretty good turnout.

Anyway, if you’re near Madison, and a Perl hacker, hit one of their meetings, they seem like a nice group. (Heck, that Andy Lester guy is even a member!)