Power Racing Series – Detroit 2013

I posted a nice recap of Power Racing Series adventures at Maker Faire Detroit, but I also compiled this video showing part of the fun.

For those unfamiliar, we take a kid’s Power Wheels vehicle, and refurb it with a stronger frame, bigger motors, better batteries, and then race them. It’s sort of hilarious, but there’s also serious engineering involved.

There’s also a nice pile of photos from the race over on Flickr, so check those out as well.

PPPRS Detroit 2013


Maker Faire Detroit #PPPRS

Maker Faire Detroit / PPPRS

Heads up, kids! I’ll be at Maker Faire Detroit on July 27th & 28th, 2013, mainly to take part in the Power Racing Series, but I’m sure I’ll find time to check out the faire as well.

Milwaukee’s Team will be represented by great new crew this time around, including Audrey, Tony, and Chris, as well as Sean (our veteran) and myself. We’re hoping to bring 3 cars to the race… well, 3 working cars, hopefully. We’ll probably return with no working cars.


Special thanks to Mike Massie who worked on the racing team logo. He got it about 95% of the way there, and I supplied the last 5% (mainly by messing with the files he gave me.) So this year our team will have spiffy shirts, and to make them even more obnoxious moxilicious noticeable, I’ve dyed them all sorts of crazy colors. You should be able to find us.


Anyway, join us at Maker Faire Detroit on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm for the races. It’s pretty entertaining. There will probably be fire.


No San Mateo

Road to Maker Faire

The Road to Maker Faire Challenge is over, and I’m here to report that I will not be headed to San Mateo for the Bay Area Maker Faire.

Congrats to Greathouse Labs for winning the challenge! I was a little disappointed to see that Greathouse Labs has already been to a number of Maker Faires before and this was my one chance to make it to the Bay Area Maker Faire (the prize money would have made it possible) but hey, I was runner up! I get a sweet Maker’s Notebook and a one-year subscription to Make Magazine, so that’s pretty cool!

Maker's Notebook

I do want to thank everyone for the votes, because it meant a lot and it really did help!

Since I won’t be going to Maker Faire on May 18th, 2013 I was planning on going to Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire, but that may not happen due to some deadlines. (But you should still attend!) I am still planning on Maker Faire Detroit in July. I mean, we’ve got some racing to do.

(And as for those deadlines, they’re some pretty cool deadlines, but more on those later!)


Minne-Faire ReCap


It’s been a busy past few weeks, and I never got to recap my visit to Minne-Faire and The Hack Factory in Minneapolis.

Red Lotus

Our original plan involved Vishal and Matt W. from Milwaukee Makerspace taking Red Lotus to the faire for a demo race of the Power Racing Series. We certainly did bring the car, but with only one other car there, which was non-functional due to a bad charger, we ended up just doing a few demo runs and show it off. I also managed to get it up on two wheels, though without any video proof, which means I’ll have to do it again at some point.

Laser Kaleidoscope

The other thing we brought was my Laser Kaleidoscope, which people seemed to enjoy. (I was also shamelessly asking for votes to get me to Maker Faire.) We had a table but really didn’t fill it with too much due to lack of space to bring anything big. We did give away stickers and buttons and showed some Power Wheels videos. It’s always fun talking to people about the maker movement, so that was cool.

I also got to meet John Baitchal, Adam Wolf, and lots of other awesome TC Maker folks including David and Laura and other members, but I’m not great at remember names. Oh, and just as we were going to leave on Sunday, Steve Hoefer from Grathio Labs. (He was in Iowa so drove up for the faire.)

The Hack Factory was a great space, with great people, and it was awesome checking out all the exhibitors and meeting many of the members. Hopefully some of them can make it down to Milwaukee Makerspace in the future.

Oh, you can find some photos over on Flickr, and yeah, I still have more to edit and upload.


Lasers to San Mateo

Road to Maker Faire

Remember my Laser Kaleidoscope project? Well, I entered into into the Road to Maker Faire contest, and now I need your vote!

Help send me (and my laser!) to the Bay Area Maker Faire. Use the big bold button below to vote for my project. (You’ll need a Facebook account, but 98.483% of people who use the Internet seem to have one.)

But why should you vote for me? I’d like to explore making this thing into a kit that would teach people about things like basic electronics, lasers, engineering, and fun. I’m hoping a visit to Maker Faire will give me the opportunity to talk to knowledgeable people and learn more about building it into an actual kit you could purchase and build yourself. That’s the plan!

So yeah, vote… vote now, not later. And then ask your friends to vote. Did you vote yet? Thanks! I appreciate it!

Vote Now!

Note: Voting is over! Thanks to everyone who voted for me… now we wait!