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Emma wanted to use the gift card she got for Xmas to buy a GameCube game, and she just randomly picked Animal Crossing… We had no idea what we were in for.

Since Animal Crossing is pretty much a one player (at a time) game, her and Maddy take turns, and sometimes play each other’s character, so it’s building cooperation skills, +1 for that.

I’ve mainly been watching, and not playing much, but the game fascinates me, and I wanted to learn more about it, so I read the Wikipedia Animal Crossing (GameCube) article and told the kids what I found there. Now they are shaking every tree and trying to avoid being stung by bees. Last night Emma asked if she could get up at 5AM and start playing. I told her 6AM would be early enough, sadly she discovered that Nook’s Cranny was not open that early.

Animal Crossing

I keep asking the kids if they can jump off the cliff or hit other characters in the head with the shovel, but so far neither has happened.

There is an Animal Crossing Community site, and it looks like the original game site is still around, but there is a new version for the Nintendo DS called Wild World. (Both Schlomo and Phil Wilson seem to be DS Animal Crossing fans.)


I guess we (who me?) are not supposed to blog about Wii Fight but come on, after this underground video came out revealing what happened, I thought we might want to hold a fight at BarCampMadison.

So plan on it. Wii Fight at BarCampMadison. In Madison, Wiisconsin. March 3rd & 4th, 2007.


Just a brief follow-up to my Casual Gaming post. I played a Nintendo Wii last week, and I liked it.

Wii The Wii is just a fun platform for gaming. We saw casual gamers play it. We saw people who would never sit down and play a video game play it, and they didn’t even have to sit down! From what I hear, that’s the whole idea behind the Wii, to open up the world of gaming to people who wouldn’t normally enter into that world.

I didn’t get a ton of Wii-time, but got to try out Wii Sports, including bowling and tennis, both of which were a lot of fun.

By the time we were done, the kids were hinting about a Wii for Xmas, which ain’t gonna happen this year (recent automobile repairs made sure of that) but we’ll keep an eye on the platform and when the GameCube needs replacing, we’ll see what happens.


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