New Office Setup

New Office Setup

I recently replaced my iMac with a Mac Pro, so I figured it was time to rip the entire desk apart and redo it all. I’m still not at the level of those “ultra-clean keyboard, mouse, display and nothing else” desks, but that’s OK, I don’t really want that… those are too damn clean.

So in the photo above you’ll see the Samsung 22″ display, and to the right an Apple 20″ display. I’m still not sure on the placement, and I may swap them. I’d also like to raise them up just a little bit, as I’m used to my displays being slightly higher. I’ve also moved most of the external drives and cabling underneath the desk. (There is a 7 port USB hub behind the monitors, but it’s fairly unobtrusive.)

Also, if you want to compare, here’s the details of my last desk remodel (2009), and the one before that (2008), and before that was the embarrassing cable nightmare of 2007. I’d say things are improving.


A Motionary Tale

It’s been a busy summer… it’s already the end of July, what up? Well, we moved… We’re no longer in Oconomowoc, but now find ourselves in Delafield. It’s only been two weeks, but we’re much happier with our living/work situation here.

Oh yes it’s been busy… I’ve not got to do many of the things I’ve wanted to do lately, as work is taking priority, nothing new there… but honestly, we’re pretty happy to be busy right now. With the economy the way it is, and unemployment at its current level, we’ll take being overworked to being underemployed.

Also… I got a new monitor.

New Display

I’ve also got a speedlight now… replacing the one that died at PhotoCamp, though I will be missing the July 2009 Strobist Meetup.

I’ve said nothing valuable in this post, so I will end it here. I hope you’re having a good summer… Your Pal, Pete.


The Office / Behind the iMac

Yup, that’s right… RasterWeb! World HQ has once again move into a new office. Since this blog started (in August 1997) we’ve probably moved the office seven times now. Moving is always fun! This time, even though we moved to a new building, we managed to maintain our IP address, probably because we experienced less than an hour of downtime.

The Office

The main workstation is set up, as is the server, though we still have about two other machines to set up. And hey, there’s even a window, and it’s got blinds so I won’t be blinded. I may do some funky time-lapse stuff out the window, who knows?

All in all, I am totally digging the new set up so far. Organization, FTW!

Of course there is the dark underbelly… the “Behind the iMac” of this lovely little set up.

Behind the iMac (Redux)

I think this is a major improvement over the old mess that I had (below) mainly because the power is now all hidden under the desk, and there’s not quite as much going on back there.

Behind the iMac

The challenge will be to keep things neat and tidy as we get into working like hell again. This office is bigger, and has a closet, so hopefully it will remain calm and collected.