Super-Boring Sanding Block

My friends, this may win the award for the most boring 3D printed object ever. It’s a block. To be more precise, it’s a sanding block. You wrap a piece of sandpaper around it and you sand wood. That’s it. Yes, from the man who brought you the 3D Printed Shim, it’s… Block.

Although, to be fair, this is not a Useless Object&trade, as I actually use it. It probably sees more use than a 3D printed Grot or Grogu or whatever is in fashion nowadays… If you’re interested in my perspective on printing things or using a block of wood or something else, I wrote a whole post titled Printing versus… Not Printing? you might enjoy.

Anyway… gotta run, I’ve got some sanding to do!

Sorry, I’m not even gonna spend time uploading this one. There are hundreds of better ones out there or you could probably type cube([90,70,35]); into OpenSCAD and make your own.

(Although I do recommend MCAD‘s roundedCube instead.)


Hygrometer Desktop Stand

You may remember my Hygrometer Filament Roll Holder, well the hygrometers I got came in a two pack, so I had another one so I made a little desktop stand for it.

After using OpenSCAD for over a decade now it’s become pretty easy to just kick out simple objects like this. (It helps that I already had some of the dimensions from the other holder.)

The slot in the back allows access to the F/C button on the back of the hygrometer to switch the thermometer between Fahrenheit and Celcius.

You can get the STL and .scad file from – Hygrometer Desktop Stand. Print it if you need it!


Pin Bender (or Unbender)

I often use these rotary encoders that come with right angle pin headers, but I don’t want right angle pin headers, I want straight pin headers. So I designed a small tool to fix that.

The Pin Bender (or Unbender) is useful for straightening (or “unbending”) header pins. Got some 90 degree pins you wish were 0 degree pins? We gotcha covered.

Slide the Pin Bender onto the pins, and then unbend! (Or straighten. I don’t know… you choose the terminology you like best.)

Now bend it… like somebody who bends things. (Bender!?) Now you got some straight pins. Or zero degree pins. Whatever.

Pretty cool, right? Did I mention it’s parametric? Well, it is. You want to edit the OpenSCAD file to make one for 8 pins? Go for it. 6 Pins? Okay. 13 pins. I guess so. All yours.

You can get the STL files and .scad file from – Pin Bender. Print ’em if you need ’em!


Hygrometer Filament Roll Holder

I recently got a Sunlu Filament Dryer Box and I’ve seen a few people mention that putting a hygrometer inside of it (and another on the outside) can give you a good idea of how much it lowers the humidity. Rather than just sticking it inside the top of the clear cover I decided to make things more complicated and put the hygrometer in the center of the spool so it could spin around and I could practice reading things upside down.

Note that every roll of filament from every manufacturer may have a different spool hole diameter. In face, even the same damn roll of filament may have different diameter holes on each side! Don’t bother printing this for a snug fit, just make it too small and add some tape either on the body of the print or on the lip to hold it to the spool. The spool is slowly spinning around so it’s not like huge forces will send it flying out into space.

You can get the STL and .scad file from – Hygrometer Filament Roll Holder. Print it if you need it!


Band Balls

If you liked Band Ties you’ll love Band Balls. Maybe not, but I made them anyway. Just like Band Ties you need to supply your own rubber bands, but you’ve probably got a bag sitting in a drawer somewhere.

Secure those pesky cables! Attach a thing to some other thing! There are 101 uses that I will not list here today!

To attach the rubber band you can cut it, thread both ends through the two holes, and then tie them together… Or you can thread the whole thing through both holes and loop through/around itself.

Print in any color you like. There are no rules! You like blue? Blue might look good.

Too small? Scale it up! Holes not the right size? Fire up OpenSCAD and make some changes. Have Fun!

You can get the STL and .scad files from – Band Ball. Print ’em if you need ’em!