PhotoCampMilwaukee 050209

It’s coming… PhotoCampMilwaukee is set for May 2, 2009 at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…

So… what is PhotoCampMilwaukee?

PhotoCampMilwaukee is a BarCamp-like event fully focused on photography. It’s an ad-hoc “un-conference” where people who love photography can get together and teach what they know, and learn what they don’t. It’s about sharing in an open environment. Everyone has experience to share, and getting everyone together in one place, for a full day, seems like a great way to do it.

You don’t have to be a great photographer to attend, you just have to bring your passion for photography. The event will be free (thanks to our sponsors) and the only entrance fee is your participation.

You want more info? We got more info! Visit for all the details. The sign-up will be coming soon, but for now we’ve got a PhotoCampMKE Google Group for discussion and planning, and a PhotoCampMilwaukee Flickr Group for photos and what-not…

(If you’re interested in sponsoring PhotoCampMilwaukee, please get in touch with me…)