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I got an email from Larry Clarkin a while back asking if he and Dave Bost could use some of my music for a podcast they were working on. Larry’s a nice guy, I mean, he didn’t even have to ask, since the music I’ve recorded this year has all been released under a Creative Commons license, but he did, and that’s cool, and now the first episode of The Thirsty Developer is out.

The funny part about it is, if you would have told me a few years ago that two guys from Microsoft wanted to use some of my songs in a show they were doing, I probably would have laughed out loud. Larry and Dave are both good guys though (they’ve sponsored BarCampMilwaukee both times) so they’re ok in my book. They’re just starting, so I’m going to cut them some slack on the attribution part, but I’m sure they’ll get it in there somewhere. :)


Through some odd set of circumstances, I ended up searching Amazon for my own name, and found that I was mentioned in the Podcasting Bible.

Podcasting Bible: Page 40

In the image above you’ll see some highlighted text that says “Amphetadesk, an RSS newsreader developed by Pete Prodoehl” The problem is, that text is inaccurate and/or misleading. I’m not one to take credit for things I didn’t do. (But wait, isn’t the history of Podcasting filled with people taking credit for what they didn’t do?) Morbus Iff was the lead developer of Amphetadesk. Morbus is a friend of mine, and I was a big fan of Amphetadesk. I don’t know that any of my code or suggestions ever went into Amphetadesk, but I did create a skin for Amphetadesk which enabled the links found in RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures.

It appears the Podcasting Bible was published by Wiley in February 2007. Oddly enough, some of my writing oes appear in another Wiley book, Videoblogging. I mentioned that in the post I am a (Contributing) Author!

Anyway, if you want to give me credit for things I didn’t do, please feel free to do so… but you should know that I may try to set the record straight.


The folks at WITI are putting on Blog-A-Palooza in Milwaukee. It’s scheduled for Wednesday January 31st, 2007, from 5PM to 9PM.

It’s a shame I can’t make it. Who knows, they might wanted to have talked to Wisconsin’s first blogger, podcaster, and videoblogger. (I’m pretty sure I hold the title for all three of those…)


I used to be the guy who maintained the Wisconsin branch of the directory. (I might still be, but haven’t gotten any requests for additions in months.) Is still being used today? I’m not even sure…

Anyway, Sara Oceguera from mkeonline sent out an email asking for Milwaukee area podcasts to list themselves in the podcast directory. So, you know, if you’re in the area (Milwaukee, that is) and do a podcast, here’s one more outlet for you… Enjoy!


I like Ricky Gervais, I really do… but I won’t be paying for his podcast. See Ricky Gervais takes podcasting paid-for.

I really hope things don’t go this way. I’d prefer to see sponsorships, underwriting, or even flat out advertising (if well done) rather than a straight pay-for scheme.

In the long run this could hurt podcasting, if it’s assumed people will gladly pay $7 per month per podcast. I don’t know how many podcasts you subscribe to, but that could add up quickly. We we started this whole podcasting thing, we made sure it was open, and that anyone can do it. Hopefully the majority of the podcasting world will remain open and free, and hopefully that’s where all of the interesting stuff will happen.

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