Power Racing Series – Detroit 2013

I posted a nice recap of Power Racing Series adventures at Maker Faire Detroit, but I also compiled this video showing part of the fun.

For those unfamiliar, we take a kid’s Power Wheels vehicle, and refurb it with a stronger frame, bigger motors, better batteries, and then race them. It’s sort of hilarious, but there’s also serious engineering involved.

There’s also a nice pile of photos from the race over on Flickr, so check those out as well.

PPPRS Detroit 2013


Maker Faire Detroit #PPPRS

Maker Faire Detroit / PPPRS

Heads up, kids! I’ll be at Maker Faire Detroit on July 27th & 28th, 2013, mainly to take part in the Power Racing Series, but I’m sure I’ll find time to check out the faire as well.

Milwaukee’s Team will be represented by great new crew this time around, including Audrey, Tony, and Chris, as well as Sean (our veteran) and myself. We’re hoping to bring 3 cars to the race… well, 3 working cars, hopefully. We’ll probably return with no working cars.


Special thanks to Mike Massie who worked on the racing team logo. He got it about 95% of the way there, and I supplied the last 5% (mainly by messing with the files he gave me.) So this year our team will have spiffy shirts, and to make them even more obnoxious moxilicious noticeable, I’ve dyed them all sorts of crazy colors. You should be able to find us.


Anyway, join us at Maker Faire Detroit on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm for the races. It’s pretty entertaining. There will probably be fire.


Makerspace / Frolics / Parade

Old Milwaukee Makerspace

The Milwaukee Makerspace, led by David Overbeck, took part in Milwaukee’s South Shore Frolics Parade on July 16th, 2011. in 2010 I joined David in watching the parade, and it was great… I mean, it’s commonly known as Milwaukee’s Best Parade, so it was with great pleasure I was able to join David this year in the parade. The Makerspace crew made it all happen.

Giant Arduino

The Milwaukee Makerspace members joined together to do a “Group Build” where everyone pitches in to do something big… and by big, I’m taking about a 9 foot tall “Old Milwaukee Makerspace” beer can, and a giant double-Arduino (and jet) powered vehicle. We were also joined by Grave Digger and Little Pink Trike, which you might know from the Power Racing Series where they’ve done pretty well.

We had a few “issues” getting everything working in time, and getting everything to hold together, but I’m proud to say we completed 99.8% of the parade route without issue, and I think we delighted the crowd.

Everyone had a good time, and I get the feeling this isn’t the last parade the Makerspace will take part in… I mean, there’s another parade in just a few months… :)