Here or There…

Here or There...

When you want to see things happen where you are, and they aren’t happening, or they aren’t happening fast enough… I think you have two choices:

1. Go to where things are happening, and try to join in with the people making things happen, and be a part of the things that are happening.

2. Make things happen.*

* Option #2 may require you to work your ass off. Don’t let that stop you.


Misfits: wants vs. needs

Misfits: Wants vs. Needs

Sometimes, when a band acts childish or selfish, you try to reason with them, and show them what is really important in life… you can often do this by asking them to make a list with two columns, one listing the things they want, and another listing the things they need.

In most cases, this wants vs. needs list puts things into perspective. (In most cases…)

(And yes, I was totally inspired by the horror business chart.)


I Heart 8 Bark

Doug Ward (of Fourth Rotor) is an old friend of mine, and I like the things he’s done…

I really wish I would have known that he released all of the 8 bark music on over two years ago (since I spent a lot of time digitizing my copy of Structurally Sound about 2 and 1/2 years ago) but that’s ok, I’m just glad he did it…

Sure, I may have to talk to him about applying a nice license to the recordings, but dammit Doug, you done a good thing! Thank you my friend…