PVC Pipe Egg Stand

Egg Stand

In my last blog post I mentioned using a piece of PVC pipe for an egg stand. Well, I did eventually do that, and it worked well.

It was as simple as a few minutes with the coping saw and the Dremel, and I had a nice little white stand to put finished eggs on to take photos of.

Egg on stand

This looks much better than the poorly constructed cardboard tube stand you may have seen in the original pirate egg photo.

(Now the next challenge will be finding the optimal way to photograph white eggs on a white background.)


Egg-Bot + PVC Pipe

Drawing on PVC Pipe

In looking around the workshop for something to make an egg stand out of (for better photos) I came across some scrap PVC pipe from when I constructed a backdrop stand, and realized that the pipe was round, and white, and might actually work in the Egg-Bot… you know, instead of an egg.

I did a quick test, and it ended up working. The first plot depended on a lot of curves, and since I didn’t bother to spend much time doing a proper set-up (you know, finding the center, adjusting the headstock, tailstock, and distal arm) it wasn’t spectacular, but it did work.

Plotting on Pipes

Since the pipe is not a sphere, I did make some adjustments to the SVG file, making sure it wasn’t too tall so the pen wouldn’t angle itself too much. After drawing on the first pipe I ended up wrapping a piece of paper around the second one so I could keep testing without running out of pipes. I also ended up sticking corks into the end of the PVC instead of using cardboard shims. This probably helped a bit with the centering.

I’d like to try to get some thicker PVC, closer to the width of an egg, and keep experimenting with this… it’s a nice way of testing without running through a dozen eggs in an evening.