DrawCamp: Sketchnotes with Mike Rohde

DrawCamp was held June 12, 2010 at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mike Rohde Expert Sketchnoter from the Sketchnote Army was on hand to demonstrate his skills, and I managed to point a camera at him and record the event.

(The video is also available at Vimeo and


No, it’s not Pete I, it’s and it’s a web site that Gabe registered just for me, and it’ll show media created at the crazy party the wife threw for me at Bucketworks (back before it flooded… the second time.)

Here is a video of my old pal Milt talking about how he got to know me…


And hey, there’s also this cool “Sketchnote” card from world-famous Sketchnoter Mike Rohde, how cool is that!?

Sketchnote Card

Anyway, I’ll try not to write too many more posts about the fact that I am totally ancient now. I mean, Dave Winer is way older than I am!


BarCampMilwaukee3… soon!

Good gosh, we’re this close to BarCampMilwaukee3! The whole thing goes down October 4th/5th, 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Bucketworks.

BarCampMilwaukee3 Banner by KeVroN

There’s also a Friday night pre-BarCamp party event being planned that we need to spread the word about. Details should be available soon.

This is our 3rd BarCamp in Milwaukee (hence the “BarCampMilwaukee3” title!) and it feels like we’re in the groove of getting these things up and running. This year seems so much more mellow than last year. I’ve been keeping an eye on registration, and I’ve seen some interesting people sign up. As of writing this we’re at well over 100 people, and I’m guessing we’ll see that shoot up in the next week, and get more people who didn’t even sign up attending.

Remember to check out the proposed sessions to see what people are interested in doing. I’m pretty excited about the Hobby Robotics Make’n’Take Session and of course the The Future of Microblogging session looks amazing!

BCMKE3 T-Shirt

And have you see the shirt Mike Rohde designed? It incorporates tagging! How sweet is that?

So join us! It’s not too late to sign up… head over to and use the signup wizard to register… We hope to see you there.


About that film…

How’s that film going?

I get that question every now and then… and the answer is, “it’s going!” followed by “slowly…”

You can follow the progress at

I’ve interviewed Jeramey Jannene and James Carlson, and I’m working on scheduling Nikol Hasler, Mike Rohde, and Davey von Bohlen.

So while it’s true that the process is going slower than I hoped, that is to be expected. I’ve been taking on more paying work, and that gets in the way, but it’s unavoidable (and a theme of the film…)

I did get some b-roll shot this weekend, of course getting time to log and capture the footage is not easy, but for now I’ll keep shooting and looking for developing themes.

As soon as I get a break in the action, I’ll see what I can do to put together some promos so people can see a bit of what we’ve got so far. It’ll happen, but yeah, it’ll take some time.


DrupalCampWisconsin Shirts

DrupalCampWisconsin is this coming weekend… On Saturday, January 19th, 2008 at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) we plan to geek out with Drupal for 12 straight hours.

DrupalCampWisconsin Shirts

One of the enjoyable parts of planning an event like this is the design aspect. Typically, I’ll kick out a logo design to get things going, and hope that others voice their opinion and maybe throw out some ideas as well. Well, the opinion part usually happens, but sometimes no one else presents design ideas, and we go with mine. (Or mine are just so awesome it intimidates people!)

For the DrupalCampWisconsin logo, I started out with an idea I used for BarCampMilwaukee2, using the outline of the State of Wisconsin…

BarCampMilwaukee2 Logo Ideas #1

I pushed it a bit, and ended up with a versions I (and others) seemed fairly happy with…

DrupalCampWisconsin Logo Idea #004

At some point, Bob asked about shirts, and from there Mike Rohde picked up the ball and ran with it. He tweaked and made adjustments, and took what I did and improved upon it, until we had what we have today… which I love.

It was really great working with Mike on the design process, and while I’m not paying him, I can honestly say that I’m sure his clients feel the same way.

So now that we’ve got a great logo, and the event is all set, you can buy the shirt from Goodstorm. (Oh, we did not markup the price, so all costs go to just covering the materials. Also, Goodstorm runs on Drupal. ;)