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Egg Stand

In my last blog post I mentioned using a piece of PVC pipe for an egg stand. Well, I did eventually do that, and it worked well.

It was as simple as a few minutes with the coping saw and the Dremel, and I had a nice little white stand to put finished eggs on to take photos of.

Egg on stand

This looks much better than the poorly constructed cardboard tube stand you may have seen in the original pirate egg photo.

(Now the next challenge will be finding the optimal way to photograph white eggs on a white background.)


iPad Stand

I’ve already told you that the iPad needs a case, but you should know that the iPad could also use a stand. I like the Macally METROLPAD case, but it didn’t have a built-in stand as many cases do, and as I used the iPad more and more, I realized a stand would be useful.

iPad Stand

Rather than buy one, I figured that making one would be a good idea. I took a piece of wood from the scrap pile, and using the jigsaw cut a notch into it. The one on the left is an early prototype I made before I actually got the case. Once I got the case I had to make a new one with a bigger notch. The prototype was also not that great at keeping the iPad standing, so I moved the notch up towards the front. (The one on the left could probably be turned into a toy car if I added some wheels. :)

iPad Stand

Here it is in action. I should probably make a bunch of these and just leave them around various places in the house so I always have one handy.

iPad Stand

Here’s the rear view. One issue with the stand is that it works fine in landscape mode, but not so much in portrait mode. (It works, but it’s sort of “precariously balanced” to say the least.) If I really want to use the stand with portrait mode, I may work on a new one that works a bit better with both orientations.

iPad Stand

If you’ve got some scrap wood and a saw, make a stand, it’s pretty easy. Note that the stand is also backwards compatible with (many) iPods and iPhones.

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