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Sir Scribe-A-Lot says… “Let 1,000 RSS feeds bloom!” But then, he’s a little on the nutty side…

Not counting the comment feeds, I don’t think I have 1,000 feeds for this site… I think it’s closer to 800. Still, that’s a lot, and it should allow you to choose what you get.

We still have a good 9 years of content to go through, but we’ve been working on the tagging process for months now, and you can see the results on the tags page.

You only want posts about Mozilla, or Web414, or maybe you like a good accident story, or a nice drawing is more your style. Creative Commons? We got that too!

So for each tag there is a page, and an associated feed on that page that you can subscribe to.

If you want it all, just subscribe to everything, and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for subscribing!