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Day of the Pete!

Día de Muertos! Day of the Pete!

After coloring the Wenchkin van, our pal Wenchkin was so pleased she actually drew me! So now you can colorize Pete.

(The image above is of course from my avatar, which originally came from this photo.)

I feel quite honored… If you like coloring (and who doesn’t!?) check out the rest of the Yucca Flats, N.M. site for more awesome coloring action.


Wenchkin Van

Over on Google+ I started following Carolyn Curtis (aka Wenchkin) because she makes awesome art.

The latest awesome thing she’s done is Yucca Flats, N.M., a new art blog with some coloring pages, and if you know me, you know I love me some coloring pages, and I love me some vans… combine the two? You get my “Wenchkin Van” you see above. (Click the image for the full-size version.)

It felt good to use the Wacom tablet again, even if I’m just coloring in something I didn’t draw myself. Part of my problem is that I don’t think I draw very well, but I still like to draw, so this is a nice compromise.

I hope you like it Carolyn! :)


2XL Labs


The Robot You See...

It’s inevitable!


Does Not Compute!

“What did the working computer say to the non-working computer?”

“Does Not Compute!”

“That doesn’t make any sense…”

“Who cares!?”

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