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Brett W

Saturday night I got a text message from someone at CBS58 telling me that Brett Wiesner had died, and asking if they could use one of my photographs for a news story. The news was shocking, to say the least, but I immediately gave permission to use any photos I’d taken. My wife and I were driving through Bay View at the time (I was the passenger) and I thought about what photo was being referenced, and then checked Flickr, and informed my wife that she too was in the photo. It freaked her out a bit (she was a big fan of Brett’s) but I told her they would probably crop her out. (They didn’t, which made it all the more weird when we watched the news.)

I didn’t know Brett very well, but did work with the Milwaukee Wave for years while z2 was doing all the marketing and photography for the team, and he seemed like a great guy, so the news of his death is even more saddening.


Back in August 2010, on a 95 degree day, Z2 shot a video for the Milwaukee Wave. We were on set around 7am and wrapped some time after 7pm. We shot in 4 main locations, ranging from downtown Milwaukee, the East Side, and Pewaukee. We shot it on our RED ONE camera. For a few shots we had a guy on rollerblades zooming down the street doing hand-held shots with the RED. It all worked out pretty well. You can see the UNITE video on YouTube.

The footage from this behind the scenes video was shot on two different Panasonic HVX200s, mostly by myself and Joe Haas. Joe also assisted in the editing of the video.


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