BarCampMadison… Web414

No, I haven’t forgotten about BarCampMadison, I have plenty to write about it, I’ve just been cranking on other projects. I’ll get to it, I promise…

If you’re looking to discuss what happened at BarCampMadison, feel free to join us for the Web414 Meeting on Thursday, March 8th, 2007 at 7:00 PM. We’ll be meeting at MSOE this time. Details at


Return of (to?) Milwaukee

A while ago I hinted that I might be coming back to Milwaukee, at least to work, and it looks like if all goes well, that will be the case, at least for the next three months…

So it’ll be back to the Third Ward for me, with “regular” work hours. (That in itself should prove interesting!) It’ll be a nice change from running all over the Lake Country to get my work done.

I’m still keeping it hush-hush, but it looks like I may be doing some really interesting work with a local company that has a great vision of how the web should work.

Who knows? I might be able to make some great connections to further Web414 while I’m at it. I’m also really looking forward to spending more time in Milwaukee. Maybe I’ll do that guest appearance on WMSE now. ;)


Web414 Meeting: Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Just a reminder folks, the next Web414 meeting is this Thursday, January 11th, 2007 at 7PM. (Also listed on

I haven’t had much time to work on the Web414 site lately, but hopefully I can find a bit of time, or spur some folks into action before the February meeting. (Who knows, maybe Mike can even kick out a logo or two by then.)

I also need to work on promotion, and getting in touch with people in Milwaukee about the new group. Oh, here is what I came up with for a mission statement:

Web414 – Milwaukee’s Web Community: The Web414 group consists of amateurs and professionals interested in building and improving the web today and in the future. We are a diverse group including designers, programmers, publishers, and entrepreneurs – all with a common interest in creating the new web.

If you know any folks in the Milwaukee area who might be interested in this, please tell them about the group, or just pass them on to me. Thanks!


Xmas was Swell

If you tuned in last week, you may have noticed that my Xmas Spirit was Not Found, but it’s ok, all went well, and it was a good holiday…

Someone asked me if I got everything I wanted, and I had to think about it. Since I didn’t really want anything, I said “Yes, I got everything I wanted.” Actually, I suppose what I really wanted was to have a good holiday, and enjoy time with the family, and I did that, so it all turned out just fine.

Anyway, I hope your holiday went well. Right now I’m just wrapping up all the loose ends of 2006 and planning for 2007. (Projects on deck are the Web414 group and BarCampMadison…)


Web414: First Meeting Report

The first official Web414 meeting was last night, and it went well. It was the first time at the IT Fusion Business Center. (One thing we learned was that you can probably park on the street right out front, the meters are free after 6PM.) Justin said we can probably meet in this location until June. Jeramey said we could also use the MSOE Kern Center if needed.

Justin borrowed a projector, but long-term it would be nice to have a projector for the group, or at least a list of folks we could borrow one from. Chad was able to plug in his Airport Base Station and give us all a wifi connection.

We discussed the new group, and talked about how it would work (no specific leader, group effort, ad-hoc and BarCamp-like.) The site is running Drupal, and we would like to modify it (through modules) to match the features provided.

For the January 2007 meeting (and all future meetings) we’re hoping to have a presentation on a specific topic. John mentioned talking about how he makes a living publishing information on his web site. It would also be nice to see guest speakers in the future as well.

(This is cross-posted from my Web414 blog…)