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In the good old days, it was said that in order to win an election, you had to be a “rich white man.”

If recent history has taught us anything, this is no longer true.

We’ll take 2 out of 3. Rich + Man? OK. Rich + White? OK. White + Man? Probably OK.

But more than that, it’s taught us this:

You don’t have to be crazy to run for office… but it helps!


Waiting for PhotoCamp

As of my writing this post, just a little over 24 hours before PhotoCampMilwaukee starts… we have 170 people registered…

I am officially freaking out.


Rd, Wh, Bl
Photo by Pete Prodoehl. Available on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

This is a photo of a U.S. flag that I took with a Nikon D40 and a manual 50mm lens on some extension tubes…

I hope you enjoy it.


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