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Good Friday everyone! I’ve been busy writing and making things and writing, and I also have a backlog of ideas to write about…

But I just wanted to mention something for the folks out there who enjoy reading my writing (both of you!) and let you know that you can also read my writing elsewhere.


I post over on the VerveCast blog, which is published by Z2 Marketing. I usually post about once a week. You can certainly just see my posts, but I’d encourage you to check out the other authors as well. We’re a branding firm, but I often delve off into subjects like 3D printers, desktop manufacturing(?), experts, and weird photos.

Milwaukee Makerspace

Since those guys (and girls!) at the Milwaukee Makerspace were kind enough to let me join and hang out there, I’ve also started blogging over there. I often post about my own weird projects, but I also try to post about interesting topics, demos we do, or just a typical night of hacking and making.

And if all that isn’t enough (and it should be!) you can occasionally see mysterious images over on Posterous, or see the strange things I post on Google+.


Photo Challenge: Bakery

We finally did another Photo Challenge at Z2, and the theme was bakery.

Check out all the photos, because there’s some pretty cool ones in there… I mean, besides mine!

You might also notice that I’m blogging at VerveCast as well… You can see all of my posts if you’d like. I’ve recently written about Makerbot Industries, the resolution of the RED ONE, and Strip Tweeting

Of course you could just see the whole blog… There’s other good authors beside myself, and we’re publishing almost every day.


RED What!?

Despite what appears to be confusion in this photo, I really do know how to assemble and operate a RED ONE camera… Really. You need something shot? Let me know. I mean, it’s not like you’re going to shoot it on your Scarlet. Of course, if you’ve got an EPIC, we’d make a great second unit.

Photo by Mike Krukowski (Thanks Mike!) Processing by me and Photoshop CS5.



download the large one

I started with this photo of a Cadillac we took at Z2 Photo, and did a bit of drawing on it. (The photo, not the car!) I’ve started to dig into the different ways the pressure sensitive properties of the Wacom tablet can be used with brushes in Photoshop, so you can see some of that here. I think…


This is a Music Video for the “This Time Tomorrow” project, which is helping raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help find a cure for blood cancers. I worked on building the set, preliminary lighting, and served as Assistant Camera and DIT. We shot it on our RED ONE at the Z2 studio in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Find out more about This Time Tomorrow at

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