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Song: Nuthin’ but an 8-bit Thief

Frenetic Stereoear Here’s the second song from the album “Frenetic Stereoear” titled “Song: Nuthin’ but an 8-bit Thief.”


The beginning and end of this song feature some tone generation done with an Arduino. I was hoping to build an Atari Punk Console in February, but really didn’t have time for it… but I did do a bit of playing around with the Arduino’s tone library. And yes, I completely forgot to incorporate the Easy Button in any song!

At some point this song went a little math rock, though poorly done. I admire the stuff that Don Caballero does, but hell if I can pull it off.

The title? It’s an ode to the bleep-bloop 8-bit style sound that the Arduino generated. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being awesome) I’ll give this song a 4. It’s really just some weird noise with a beat. This one is also short. After I recorded this, I briefly considered making the entire album up of songs that were under 1 minute each. In the end, I didn’t do that.