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Spell Checking in Frontier

I wanted an easy way to do spell checking in Frontier, mainly because I do a lot of web site building and found the lack of a spell checking utility hampering my workflow. I found a neat application called Excalibur, that did what I needed.

The Frontier Connection

I didn't even bother with trying to create glue, or really scripting Excalibur, I just did two things.

[spell checking]

Fig. 1 The 'Start-Up' preference.

In Excalibur, under the 'Options' menu, you'll see 'Start-Up...' Set it as so, with 'Open the Clipboard and Go' selected. (See Fig. 1)

[spell checking]

Fig. 2 The 'Spell Check' script.

As far as the Frontier part, I just wrote a two line script. (See Fig 2) I put this in the =user.initials menu and then I can select text, pull down to the menu command and away we go! The text is copied to the clipboard, Excalibur is launched, and the spell checking begins. When I'm done in Excalibur, it's just a matter of quitting, or switching back to Frontier, and if any changes were made, doing a command-v for paste!

I suppose you could get fancier, but I figured, 'why bother?' - this does what I need it to do. If you need more, start diggin'!

Oh yeah, Excalibur has plenty of neat features, I didn't go into them as I just wanted to give the basics of using Excalibur with Frontier.

P.S.: You can find Excalibur right here.

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