Hmmm, could this whole licensing mess have been avoided if they had called it Mac OS 7.7?

What is a tarnacle anyway?

Still trying to crack RC5

I've added the grant page in Rambles...

Still playing with the design. I'll probably take some time off to work on other sites for a while. In the meantime, check out Zymm Desygn

I've added the steak lady page in Rambles...

I've changed the look again, just playing with design ideas...

Also wondering if my PowerBase will become a collectors item...

I've updated the Rambles... section - new template equals new design.
The power of Frontier - zooooooommmmm!!!

Working for the clampdown!

Thought of the day: People often mention that Apple should split the hardware and software division. Just do this - buy your hardware from Power or another cloner, and get the OS from Apple.

Some new stuff over in X - a QTVR panorama movie, and a plain old boring QuickTime movie...

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I did a graphic for the Scripting News page.

Wow, this is weird...

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Happy Birthday Emma!