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May 1998


HEy pEoPle, ya know there's still puhhhlenty of room in the Guestbook!

And In tHe OS Results survey tHinG!

Ya know, I didn't mean to knock that Galaxy 4 thing out of orbit, it really was an accident, and anyway, just what were Galaxy 1, 2, and 3 doing at the time, huh?

And another thing, when I said to Billy, "Hey, why don't you just roll IE into the OS", I was *joking*! I can't believe they actually took it seriously!

I've been reading these articles that say 'Users want integration, they want everything to work together.' While this may be partly true, I believe all users, like all people want one thing, and that thing, my friend, is FREEDOM! Yeah, freedom of choice, like Devo always said...

My birthday's coming up next month, no need to think different, just think ram, monitor, PowerBook... Ahh, the classics!


Gee, a negative article on Apple... and gee, the site running the story uses .asp... uh-huh...
btw, the asp link was broke when I tried it! ugh!

New projects at Rasterboy Enterprises: Wozzle 2.0, Linux/m68k, some cgi's, some perl, etc, etc, etc...


Sure, there's some people who might think 'A day without Stikky is like a day without someone trying to annoy the crap out of me musically'... well, I disagree!

The Slap A Ham FAQ.

I used to sing about the poor, but I don't sing that song no more...

Happy  Birthday  Kelly!


Someone should start a TWMUG (Third Ward Macintosh User's Group) - I just keep seeing more and more Apple stickers on cars in the Third Ward...

Sinatra - he stuck around long enough to see Jerry say goodbye... just like George Burns stuck around long enough to see his 100th birthday... Jerry mentioned George Burns yesterday on the Tonight Show... believe me when I say, these aren't randomly related things...

Note to Milt: we must begin development now - while the time is ripe!

I'm not even gonna get in to the whole thing about Jerry doing 9 years of the show, and next year being the release of Mac OS X (10) and Jerry using Macs for years, and Apple honoring Jerry... more connections!

See! Windows 98 is delayed, and Sinatra dies, Seinfeld is off the air.. Disaster everywhere!

Windows 98, by it's very name, doesn't seem to be Year 2000 compliant... shouldn't it be 'Windows 1998'? Unless of course the 98 doesn't stand for 1998, which, knowing it's a Microsoft product, well, uh, who knows...

Come to think of it, I don't think I'm Year 2000 compliant, I say '97' and '98' all the time...

William Bates got the final laugh... "Goodbye...goodbye...ha..ha..bye,"


So the shipping of Windows 98 was approved? I guess *now* the economy of the U.S. is doomed...


Ok, so when they say

what they really mean is


I finally got it, can't believe it took me this long, I guess it's just 'Business as usual!' ok, well, that's the best I could do, I'll be 'Leaving' now...


Microsoft != innovation
So what is it that Microsoft has 'innovated' or 'invented'? Practically all of their 'technology' has come from other companies, companies they either bought or forced out of business. Otherwise they just 'borrowed' the technology... Yeah, they invented the gui for personal computers alright! Uh-huh...

I'd love to see a web site listing the 'innovations' that Microsoft has contributed to the computer industry. Here's good article, Becoming a programmer for Windows is like becoming a dentist for a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Microsoft is like the McDonalds of the software industry. Is there any product they've created that isn't just McSpreadsheet, McWord Processor, etc - any product that just kicks! Where's the innovation!?Anything!? Internet Explorer, basically from Spyglass right? WebTV, oh they bought that (from ex-Apple people) FrontPage, oh, bought that one too? Windows CE, hmm - Newton, PalmPilot... Windows 95? gimme a list of more than 5 features the Mac didn't have 10 years earlier... NT? well, I won't even get into the problems NT has...

Ok, more later...


So what's all the hub-bub about how the world will suffer if Windows 98 isn't release on time?

  Is Bill trying to scare us?

I know myself, and most of my Mac-using and Linux-using friends wouldn't even notice if Windows 98 never saw the light of day... in fact, I think we'd have a good laugh over it...

I'm sure there's been a thousand links to this already...

Texas is the reason, huh? the reason for what?

I don't even know how to comment on this one...


Whoa! Phil from Naked Agression died...

This is weird... sure we've had our run-ins with Phil and N.A., but stuff like this really hits me, this is like the second person I've known (or 'kind of' known) in the last year to die...

Toasterhead was unavailable for comment...

I know, you're wondering if there will be a PowerThrash tribute... I think we'll just observe a few months of silence...


Still plenty of room for OS Opinions...

Well, I'm a little confused! I moved this site over to Frontier 5 last week, but still had things to fix, a macro here, a filter there, and I didn't have time to do it all. So today I start working on it again and everything magically works! cool! I guess I can't complain! (unless it breaks!)

Now I'm torn between digging deep into Frontier 5, XML, RPC, and getting up to speed on Perl... why not both!?


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