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July 1998


I can't remember where I found this, but it's kinda funny if you think about it. Gates has been against open source software for like 20 years!

Someone snared a copy of Gates' program, made copies and gave it to fellow hobbyists, who made and handed out their own copies. In the prevailing atmosphere this wasn't thought of as stealing-but Gates saw it differently and said so in "An Open Letter to Hobbyists," which ran in several of the computer hobby journals of the day. "Most of you steal your software," Gates wrote. "One thing you do is prevent good software from being written. Who can afford to do professional work for nothing?"

Well, I had to remove X due to a lack of space...

Still waiting for my shoes to arrive...

That reminds me... I've been thinking about broken links aka link rot. Now, should a site represent a snapshot in time, or stay completely up to date on a constant basis... In other words, should I go back and check all the old links I have, or should I just leave them as is, knowing that they represented reality in a moment of time...



Believe it or not... I actually do know how to spell most of the words I use. There's something called the 'bleary-eyed-effect' that I sometimes suffer from...

If you need proof, just look at wozzle 2.0

The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer


Parody can be the most sincere form of flattery, and insult, at the same time...

This I am sure of...

Whilst drivin' in today I managed to stomach a few minutes of commercial radio, and managed to hear an old Vapors song, Turning Japanese... so I started to remember it being different, and then I remembered the hardcore version, but couldn't remember who did it... then I remembered that it was more like the metal version, because Krangkorr did it (or was it Krangkor? like in Cambodia, or is it Kampuchea? Hey remember Concert for Kampuchea? The Clash played...) What, you think I'll find a link for Krangkor? Not bloody likely!

So I just listened to D.I. - now there's a tragedy again!


gone fishin'

Do you need a Kung Fu Master?

Need some Mac software?

Got a PalmPilot and a Mac? Maybe you need PalmBuddy.

I'm working on a new breed of concrete made with human waste. Possible names include: wastecrete, crapcrete, poocrete, and fecrete...

Ok, have you ever bought anything from someone via classifieds.yahoo.com? - and if so, how did you arrange payment, shipment/delivery, etc.... I'm curious!

Things like this, I like, I like... 'specially since we can never find the yeller pages in our house...

It's back to work time on RC5, I've got another machine working on it...


Rasterboy Enterprises is proud to present: wozzle 2.0

Got comments? Here's a good place for them...

Special thanks to Cyberdiem.

All those daze and knights of pounding Perl pays off...

Can I take a day off now?


seen on slashdot: "shut yer trap and write some code!"

I saw 'Waiting for Guffman' recently. It was cool...

wozzle 2.0 is *nearly* complete... any day now...

Don't forget to sign the Guestbook!


We were at American TV and Appliance this weekend (I think it used to be called American of Madison) and Emma started knocking over all of the Windows 98 boxes, it was funny... They had a PowerBook 2400, which I couldn't afford, and they had a Palm Pilot, but no stylus, and dead batteries... that helped...


Ok, which of the following is not the name of a web browser and a vehicle?

  • Navigator
  • Explorer
  • Lynx
  • Mozilla
  • Opera

Well, you might not be driving that new Volkswagen Mozilla yet! And I'm not sure if the Opera is a car or not... of course some would argue that Explorer isn't really a web browser...

Gee, NT 5.0 delayed? Anyone suprised?
Maybe we should start calling them 'embattled' and their users could be called 'loyalists' - naw, that one doesn't fit...

A few small additions to the UserTalk/MacPerl page. I've heard of at least one complaint about this page. Here's my disclaimer (again!) : This is for LEARNING PURPOSES ONLY! I am *NOT* trying to compare environments, languages, merits, age, usefulness, whatever... If it's only useful to me, so I can say, 'Oh yeah, *that's* how you do it!' then so be it..."


We're getting ready to launch some new sites soon... watch this space...

Can the rewards of toiling on in obscurity be greater than the rewards of existing in the spotlight of the population? me_thinks_probably_so...


Oops, fixed some silly errors on the UserTalk/MacPerl page... Thanks to those who pointed them out!

The new Beastie Boys release should be out (today?) on vinyl... the cd is out next week... get it from CDNOW or from Amazon.com... I'll probably order it from Amazon with my Perl book, hmmm that's a freaky combination... or is it!?


From a MacPerl list discussion, I've created a page that compares UserTalk code to MacPerl code... (well, technically, it's pretty plain Perl code...)

I really need to mention this one - see www.mallman.com

Wow, next month will be the 1st anniversary of this format, as well as the 2nd birthday of Emma.

We may be moving <RasterWeb that is> if we do, we'll be sure to let you know...

Wozzle 2.0 is in beta right now...

I'm working on some stuff that would have been great for 07.04.98, but I missed the deadline, so we'll just add it in as it's ready...

and when I say 'revohlooshun' I ain't talkin' bout no taco-eatin' dog...

I might start killing off part of x as I'm outta room! We'll see...


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