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November 1998


Excite's Graham Spencer - I saw him in Nerds 2.0.1 wearing a Cringer shirt and talking about being a vegetarian, seems like the kind of guy I'd hang out with, oh he also spent time at Apple's Advanced Technology Group...

I still miss the Fury III!

The Outpost was out of Tofu-Terkey - I blame Drew Barrymore!

There's a page in the Misc section about people I used to know.

Ok, Code...


When oh when will Apache be ported to the Mac? Hmmm, we'll probably have to wait until Mac OS X... (and WebTen Doesn't quite count...)

I think I need to do some diggin on AOL's site this weekend.

I thought it odd that the AOL/Netscape thing was being called a 'merger' - when I buy a soda is that a merger between me and the soda? Didn't AOL just *buy* Netscape, as in, they own it, they can do whatever they want?

Mozilla will save us all! (or will it?)

I'm getting sickened and saddened by seeing less and less software/internet companies, as large ones swallow up small ones, I almost want to blame Microsoft for this, at least in part. They seem to be famous for this, and I think other companies might be doing the same just to compete. I fear the day when the net is one big happy shiny glossy prepackaged folded collated shrink wrapped perfect place... don't you?

I've been working on organizing a new section called 'Code' which will house things pertaining to development. Scripting, cgi's, Perl, some JavaScript - or whatever else comes to mind. I also want to get involved in the open source/free software movement, and this is how. It'll be up soon...

I also really want to add a page with links to other sites, you know, that was all the rage like 3 or 4 years ago, but then they were called 'Hotlists' and... nevermind...

For now, check out Bump.

Here's a site that Zymm Desygn did: Sister Moon (it's still in progress!)


Xmas is coming... I always want things like, oh, I dunno, a PalmPilot, (or whatever they're called now, It's not a PalmPilot anymore, right?) a digital camera (and no, not the Barbie Digital Camera! Although I'd settle for a GameBoy Camera if someone hacked a solution for getting the images into a Mac...) A video camera (yes, we are one of the few families without one of these, or so it sometimes seems...) ah well... I'll settle for a Pikachu...

I am curious how Barbie's camera stores images and then ...converts them to one of five standard formats, including HTML...! Hey Barbie! Open Source is the future! Why the 'proprietary format' for your images? Hmmm, if Emma was a little older, I think I could get away with getting one of these... uhhh, whoops! Not Mac-compatible! For shame Barbie!

I figured I'd share some experiences I've had with NT and Unix...

For info on NT vs Unix here's a nice site.

We hope to have some of the writings of Milt on this site soon... be prepared!

Will you be ready to fight along side me against the aliens? Begin training now!


[Pokemon Pikachu] Hey, it's the Pokemon Pikachu, I can't help but think this thing is cool.... what computer nerd wouldn't! Maybe I'll get one for Xmas... There's a lot of links for this thing, need more info?

Steve Jobs figures that 3 pizzas a month comes out to about $30. Well, he must be ordering some fancy vegan pizzas from an upscale deli, because we got 3 pizzas for $10 recently... And we usually have a 2 for 1 coupon, which gets us 2 delivered for about $10-$12...

Went to see Fugazi and Promise Ring last week... many people described it as 'weird' and it was.... elaboration to follow...

Been reading (well, listening) to some of what Stallman has to say about free software, and the guy's a nut - don't get me wrong, we need more nuts... open source! open source! open source!

I've seen the term 'Microsoft Solution Provider' today - contradiction in terms? - oxymoron? Now, Microsoft Problem Creator, that I know all about!


Ok, something had to blow my mind today... Revelation Records on Apple's web site will do it... a quote "Hardcore wasn't just music. It was an experience. We like our Macs for the same reason." The 'big X fist' lives on....

Oh yeah, Surfer, Snowboarder, and Skateboarder are there too... what, no Thrasher!?

Is it time for the return of the MacPunks?!


I've started playing with the RealEncoders again... so whaddayaget when you cross a car, freeway, pig, pixelator, kambrick and bessa? something like this - I call it 'getthepig'

I'm slightly offended by the 'search engines' who make the links go back to their server to be recorded before sending you on to the site you want to see... ugh...

I'm also slightly offended by Club Mac... (specifically their catalog Volume 31A)

There's a Linux InstallFest on Saturday at the Waukesha County Technical College... MLUG!

Bump.net has been keeping a lot more up-to-date than me lately...

Yes, this is one cool server. I'd love to see an iMac on every desk with one of these serving up the content...

I'm starting to feel a little drained lately, and I'm trying to change my diet a bit... I'm sure the holidays won't help (we're pretty sick of Halloween candy already!) and I have a lot of work coming up in the near future, which is good and bad at the same time... ugh...


yeah, maybe it's true when they say 'you can't be what you were...'

Woohoo... how 'bout that 'ol Microsoft, with their 'Halloween Document'? Ya gotta watch those Microsofties, they're tricky!

How 'bout them Old Browsers...

akebono is still around!

Trick 'r Treatin' was a huge success, we went four times... Emma got more candy than she'll ever eat... she did get scared a few times, once by a witch, and another time by Batman! My space helmet experience some overheating problems (the batteries were running hotter than a Pentium!) All in all very successful holiday...

I should have enough candy for the next two months... (ah, the joys of being a parent!)


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